Robot Villains
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Full Name Robot Villains
Species Robot
Position Super Villain
Appeared Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013
Color Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Gold
Clothes Items None
Related To Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 (creator)
Friends With Super Villains, Doom Drones, Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000
Meetable Character? No

The Robot Villains are an army of robots that are lead by Protobot at the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013. Super Villains and Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 control them and lead them to the destruction of Penguintropolis (Club Penguin Island). They are known to be powered by the Power Crystals. The Robot Villains were created in the Villain HQ. The Doom Drones are Robot Villains that attacked Club Penguin. However, they were not created in the Villain HQ.

Protobot's plan was to turn all penguins into robots, robots inhabit the island, and have Club Penguin Island become an advanced technological metropolis.


  • There is a Robot Villain Pin.
  • They were never seen in the Marvel Universe [1].
  • They are built in the Robot Factory game in the Villain HQ.
  • You can deploy them and walk them like pets once you build them in the game. They throw giant snowballs, just like Herbert P. Bear, and can cause destruction to rooms.
  • You wear the Robot Remote Control when you walk them.
  • All eight variants come in four different colors.
  • The robots come in different sizes, for example robot 1 is medium, robot 2 is small and robot 3 is large.



Robots and Remotes

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Finished Bots

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