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Robotomy 101
Wheel Bot attacking vault
Splash text Catch and deactivate the Wheel-Bot.
Characters Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, Gift Shop Manager, Aunt Arctic, Wheel-Bot, Gary
Games played None
Elite Puffles used Blast (optional), Bouncer, Flare, Pop

Robotomy 101 is the eleventh EPF mission in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. In this mission, the player must test out the new Robotomy gadget to stop the Wheel-Bot from attacking the Gift Shop.

Although not referred to as such in-game, this mission and the following two retroactively comprise "Operation: Robotomy", as later mentioned in System Defender, Top Trumps cards, and others.


The player starts at the Town, outside the Gift Shop, which is barricaded. If the player talks to Dot, she says one of the Test Robots has been cornered inside, and says agents have surrounded and are monitoring the store. The player says this is the perfect time to test out Gary's new gadget, if the player decides now is the time, the mission begins.

Spoiler warning: Plot, puzzle, and/or ending details follow.

Dot says the door has been barricaded because the Wheel-Bot is too fast to handle. The player says they will slip in quickly to deactivate the robot, claiming to be "quick on [their] feet". Dot asks if any help is needed, but the player just requests that when they go inside, the other agents are ready in case the Wheel-Bot tries to escape. Dot is concerned about the player, who says they will be fine with the Elite Puffles and Robotomy gadget. Dot says to not hesitate to call for help, and the player is reassured with the Elite Penguin Force on the lookout.

To remove the barricade, the player can either use Blast to break it, or Pop to lift it. Once the barricade is removed, the player enters the Gift Shop to find the Wheel-Bot ramming into the vault's door, trying to remove it from the wall. It proceeds to "redirect hydraulic output from leg motor to back motor", but then notices the player, labeling them an intruder, but determines the threat level to be low. The player calls out to the Wheel-Bot, saying its supposed to be helping Club Penguin and not destroying it, but it remarks that helping conflicts with its "prime directive". At this point, the player is not allowed to leave the store, and must defeat the Wheel-Bot. Although the Wheel-Bot is strong and fast, the player can use Bouncer's snowballs to impair its vision. The Wheel-Bot says this "reduces optical sensors to 50%", and raises the player's threat level to "medium". It then abandons its "primary objective" and changes to its "secondary object retrieval", and breaks through the door and up the stairs to the office.

Upon arriving upstairs, the computer is stolen, and there is hole in another door, leading to the rooftop. On the roof, the Wheel-Bot, with snow removed from its face, is riding back and forth, carrying the computer. It immediately notices the player, now considering them a threat, but the player demands the robot stop, as the building is surrounded by agents. The Wheel-Bot merely says its secondary objective has been secured, and that its calculating an escape route. Bouncer can be used once again to impair the robot's vision, this time fully, as it remarks optical sensor strength is down to "0%". It activates its emergency break, and prepares to "commence extraction and disposal", focusing all efforts to remove the snow. Flare can be used to weld the Wheel-Bot's joints, preventing it from moving.

It then falls on the ground, helpless, and starts to broadcast a rescue signal. The player realizes its trying to contact the other two robots, and comments that they need to think of something fast. With the Wheel-Bot immobilized, the player can finally use the Robotomy gadget safely on it, but the robot puts up some firewalls to protect its systems. The player must navigate a battery through a small maze in three different systems, in any order. Touching the walls with the battery too many times triggers the alarm, forcing the player to restart that maze. Navigating the battery through all three firewalls deactivates the Wheel-Bot and cancels the rescue signal, and it powers down.

The player is excited after stopping the first robot, and is ready to take it back to Gary. Pop can be used to surround the Wheel-Bot in a bubble, making it easy to transport to the Gadget Room. Optionally, the player can visit the Town on the way back, where they are congratulated by Dot, who says she saw what happened on the roof, and almost thought the robot would get away. The player is grateful for the EPF providing backup during the mission, and Dot asks what the player is going to down with the robot, who responds its being taken back to the Gadget Room, and apologizes for not being able to stay and help clean up.

Once at the Gadget Room, Gary is there and comments that he finds bubbles an interesting way to transport a robot, and then asks the player to give it to him. Once the player does so, Gary takes the Wheel-Bot to the corner of the Gadget Room, while nothing that the robot is in rough shape, but is not referring to the snow and welding. He points out that several back up components are missing, saying it seems to have been stripped for parts. The player wonders if this is related to the notebook pages that were found recently, and Gary proposes that since the robots were designed to be adaptable, they are trying to improve something about themselves. The player is relieved that the Wheel-Bot was stopped now, as these robots are "hard enough to catch without upgrades". Gary then says its time to start looking for the other two robots. The mission then ends.

Spoilers end here.

Command Coach[]

If this mission is played in multi-player with the Command Coach, there is a hidden crate on the Gift Shop Rooftop containing the Hockey Helmet. Both players obtain the item when found.

Wrong solution messages[]

While attempting to stop the Wheel-Bot, using the wrong puffle for a situation prompts a unique message for each one. Cells with a red background do not have failure messages because they are correct solution. "WB" is what the Wheel-Bot says, "P" is what the player says.

Stealing vault Stealing computer Removing snow Rescue signal
Bouncer WB: "Detecting additional Optical Sensor Blockage. Extraction and disposal already at maximum output"
P: "The snow continues to work but it's not making a big difference on the robot's condition."
WB: "Detecting additional Optical Sensor Blockage. Extraction and disposal is offline. Rescue Signal Broadcast resumed."
P: "Snow doesn't stop the robot from broadcasting its rescue signal."
Blast WB: "Proximity breach. Evasive Action 1... SUCCESS"
P: "The robot is too fast and too strong for Blast to stop it."
WB: "Proximity breach. Evasive Action 1... SUCCESS"
P: "Nice try, Blast, but this robot is too fast and too strong for you."
WB: "Cannon blast detected. Evasive Action 1... SUCCESS"
P: "Nice try, Blast, but this robot is too fast and too strong for you."
WB: "Cannon blast detected. Evasive Action 1... SUCCESS"
P: "This thing is built tough. Blast's ability doesn't affect it even when its unable to block."
Flare WB: "Optical Sensors detecting Flammable Fur Ball. Cooling mechanism activated... SUCCESS"
P: "That was a close one but the Wheel-Bot knows exactly what to do if it sees Flare."
WB: "Flammable Fur Ball identified. Activating cooling mechanism... SUCCESS"
P: "As long as the robot can see Flare, it will know what to do."
WB: "ALERT! Continued Temperature Change Detected. Rescue Signal Broadcast resumed."
P: "Additional welding is not stopping the robot from sending its rescue signal."
Loop WB: "Detecting braided fiber blockage. Initiating release sequence."
P: "This robot could probably snap Loop's rope like a piece of thread."
WB: "Detecting braided fiber blockage. Automating release sequence."
P: "The robot has no trouble breaking through Loop's rope."
WB: "Detecting braided fiber blockage. Initiating release sequence."
P: "That's not good. This robot can find and break Loop's rope even if its eyes are covered in snow."
WB: "Detecting braided fiber blockage. Initiating secondary release sequence."
P: "The robot has scissors. G must have used Spy Phone parts when it was built."
Pop[1] P: "It seems that this robot is able to pop super bubbles..." P: "The robot is no stranger to bubbles." P: "Even in its current state, bubbles are no match for the robot..." WB: "Soap Globule Enclosure Detected. Performing Secondary structural breach. Rescue Signal Broadcast resumed."
P: "This robot can break out of bubbles even when it can't move."
Flit WB: "Optical sensors detecting flying furball. Threat level unknown."
P: "It doesn't seem to know what to make of a puffle with a propeller on its head."
WB: "Optical Sensors detecting flying furball. Threat level minimal."
P: "The robot doesn't seem to recognize Flit as a danger to it."
WB: "Optical Sensor Obstructed. Extraction and disposal."
P: "With its eyes covered the robot doesn't even know that Flit is nearby. So much for that idea."
WB: "Radar Detecting Aerial Bogie. Type match Fur Ball. Rescue Signal Broadcast resumed."
P: "The robot hesitates when it hears Flit's propeller. For some reason it seems to be on the lookout for something that flies."[2]
Chirp WB: "Sound dampeners holding at 95%"
P: "Chirp's sound is having some effect, but it doesn't seem to be enough to shut it down."
WB: "Sound dampeners holding at 90%"
P: "This robot is able to withstand Chirp's sound fairly well."
WB: "Sound dampeners holding at 85%"
P: "Chirp's sound is not strong enough to get through to this thing."
WB: "Sound Dampeners holding at 75%. Rescue Signal Broadcast resumed."
P: "Chirp's sound does not interrupt the robot's rescue signal."
Mechano-Duster WB: "ACHOO! Olfactory Sensor Stabilized... SUCCESS"
P: ""This is only making the robot sneeze."
WB: "Security breach detected. Olfactory sensor recalibration uninterrupted."
P: "The robot is learning how to resist the Mechano Duster."
(no reaction) (no reaction)
Robotomy P: "The Robotomy gadget requires time to use. It is not wise to use the gadget if the robot can still get away." P: "The Robotomy gadget requires time to use. It is not wise to use the gadget if the Wheel-Bot is planning to escape." P: "This robot is moving too much to use the Robotomy gadget."
Cream pie[3] WB: "Detecting additional Optical Sensor Blockage. Extraction and disposal already at maximum output"
P: "This cream pie is going to make it harder for the robot to clean out its sensors."
WB: "Detecting additional Optical Sensor Blockage. Extraction and disposal is offline. Rescue Signal Broadcast resumed."
P: "A cream pie won't stop the robot from broadcasting its rescue signal."
  1. Although all wrong solutions involving puffles have a comment from the Wheel-Bot followed by one from the player, only one of four of Pop's do in-game, but the other three have corresponding unused messages in the text files, suggesting these messages were likely either scrapped or coded incorrectly. The unused message for both the vault-stealing and snow-removing sequences is "Soap Globule Enclosure Detected. Performing structural breach... SUCCESS", while the message for the computer-stealing sequence is "Soap Globule Enclosure Identified. Running protocol... SUCCESS".
  2. The last three words of this message, "something that flies.", are cut-off in-game. Normally in the game, text such as this that is too long to fit in one speech bubble is broken into multiple speech/thought bubbles. However, when the first part of this message is advanced, the message just ends without the second part appearing at all, leaving the foreshadowing to Jet-Bot unseen.
  3. Further detailed in #Trivia; these interactions are unused, but appear in the text files. They are largely the same as reactions related to Bouncer.

Penguin conversations[]


At three different points, the player can talk to various penguins in the Town.

Besides talking to Dot, the player can talk to other penguins before starting the mission:

  • Jet Pack Guy says his orders are to keep civilians safe and keep watch for robot activity. He was unable to see what the Wheel-Bot was doing because it moved so fast.
  • Rookie merely tells the player to report to Dot.
  • The Gift Shop Manager is panicking. Upon seeing the robot, he ran outside and called for help.
  • Aunt Arctic recognizes the player as a PSA agent, and asks if the player has time to answer questions for the Club Penguin Times. If the player agrees, she asks about what's happening to the Gift Shop- the player, initially saying "we", says "someone I saw" has cornered the source of the recent incidents. Aunt Arctic, initially saying "you", asks what "they" are going to do about it. The player says "they" have it under control, but proceeds to end the conversation, with Aunt Arctic thanking the player for their time.
  • Additionally, the player is unable to break the barricade before starting the mission, remarking it would be "better to check with the other agents first".

After starting the mission and discussing plans with Dot, the player can talk to her and the other penguins before entering the Gift Shop:

  • Dot says that if the Wheel-Bot tries to escape, the agents are "ready to use everything from Life Preserver Shooters to Electromagnets". She also remarks that although the store's roof is not secured, but as far as intel knows, the Wheel-Bot cannot fly.
  • Jet Pack Guy is concerned for the player's safety, since agents have never had to deal with robots before, but the player is confident they will be fine going in alone, to avoid risking startling the Wheel-Bot.
  • Rookie merely tells the player he and the other agents were informed of the player's plan by Dot, and are all standing by.
  • The Gift Shop Manager is still worried about the robot, wondering when how long it will stay in the Gift Shop. When asked if anyone else was inside when the Wheel-Bot showed up, he says he was alone. The player reassures him things will be fine.
  • Aunt Arctic says she heard the player is planning to deactivate the robot, and asks if this is true. The player gives an unclear answer, and she protests that the readers should have the right to know what's happening, but the player responds that they are sure someone will give the newspaper a full report later.

After deactivating the Wheel-Bot and capturing it in a bubble, the player can optionally visit the Town. After a conversation with Dot, the penguins can be talked to once again:

  • Dot questions why the player is still here and not going to the Gadget Room, but the player says they forgot to tell her about the mess in the Gift Shop. She says not to worry about it, as the agents will take care of it. When asked if the Director knows about the deactivation of the Wheel-Bot, she says she was going to tell them, but the Director had already sent her a message to thank the team for the mission. She comments that news "travels fast".
    • Although this would not be revealed until years later, it is likely the Director knew because she, as Aunt Arctic, was standing outside the whole time the mission was happening.
  • Jet Pack Guy says he can't wait to hear about what happened.
  • Rookie says he supposes the stories he heard about the player, who proceeds to thank him, were true.
  • The Gift Shop Manager is very thankful for the player's help.
  • Aunt Arctic asks for another interview. The player says not right now, but tells Aunt Arctic let the readers know there is one less thing to worry about now. She proceeds to ask where "these Proto-Bots" came from, but the player says that information is classified at the moment, but will be available as soon as possible, to which Aunt Arctic replies she is looking forward to it.
    • Given this is the only time in the game the Test Robots are referred to as "Proto-Bots", and that the Ultimate Proto-Bot has not appeared yet at this point in the game, this was likely either an error or an early name for the Test Robots that was not updated.

They also all comment on the captured Wheel-Bot if its shown to them. The three agents are impressed, but the Gift Shop Manager is still nervous, asking if its turned off, and not wanting to get close. Aunt Arctic comments that this would be a perfect opportunity to take photos, but she forgot her camera.

Spy Gadget communicator[]

Throughout the mission, Gary can be called with the Spy Gadget's communicator, saying different things at different points.

  • At the start, Gary simply asks if the player has been able to enter the Gift Shop yet, but the player says no.
  • Once inside, he asks about the current situation, and the player tells him about the Wheel-Bot trying to take the vault door. He questions the use for a vault door, and says to immobilize the robot quickly.
  • After the Wheel-Bot flees upstairs, Gary says he can't get the surveillance back online. The player tells him the robot ran after it was hit with snow, an effort Gary commends the player for, commenting that the Wheel-Bot was not designed to deflect snow.
  • On the roof, Gary asks if the player is having any luck restraining the Wheel-Bot, and the player comments that its taken a sudden interest in computers and is calculating an escape. Gary deduces its using its built-in GPS to find an "undetectable escape path". He asks how many agents are around, and the players thinks that almost all of them are present.
  • After the Wheel-Bot is hit with snow again, Gary asks for an update, and the player says its still moving too much to be deactivated with the Robotomy gadget. Gary informs the player that the robot's metal alloys are very strong, so targeting the joints is a good option.
  • Once the Wheel-Bot is immobilized, Gary asks if the player has been able to use the Robotomy gadget. The player says not yet, and informs Gary of the rescue signal. Gary says it may be calling the other robots for help, and says to hurry.
  • After the deactivation, Gary asks if everything is fine, and the player says the Robotomy worked, and they are just getting the Wheel-Bot ready for transport.
  • When the Wheel-Bot is in a bubble, Gary says the Gadget Room is ready for it to be brought back.


  • After completing this mission, the player cannot access the Ski Hill until the next mission is completed. Additionally, in the Gift Shop, the vault door is damaged, and the doors to the office and roof have Wheel-Bot-shaped holes in them, all until the final mission is completed.
  • For the entirety of the mission, most room music is replaced with the robot theme. However, the Forest, Iceberg, and Puffle Training Room, which do not need to be visited during this mission, keep their regular themes. Despite this, some other rooms that don't need to be visited during this mission, such as the Ski Hill and Ice Rink, do not keep their regular themes.
  • Removing the barricade with either Blast or Pop is one of the only two instances in the game where the player has a choice between multiple options to solve such a problem. The other instance is in the side mission Penguin at Work.
  • Before the Wheel-Bot is deactivated, its location is shown on the map. However, it never leaves the Gift Shop, and the player has no reason to visit other areas, facilitating use of the map, before deactivating the Wheel-Bot. During the time the player is in the Gift Shop while trying to stop the Wheel-Bot, the map cannot be accessed, either.
    EPF Cream Pie closeup

    The unused sprite for obtaining the cream pie

  • This mission has unused dialog strings and sprites relating to a cream pie, which would have been hidden in the Gift Shop's office in if this mission was played in multi-player with the Command Coach. Obtained it would have prompted the player to remark "It's a cream pie! Maybe this will come in handy." It would have been able to be used in the same way Bouncer's snowballs are used, as a possible alternative.
    • There is also an unused animation for hitting the Wheel-Bot with the cream pie, and it has corresponding sprites for being on the ground with the pie covering its face. The lack of an equivalent animation for the vault sequence suggests the pie might have been obtainable in the Gift Shop's office.
  • The Wheel-Bot has an unused animation for breaking through the door in front of the stairs up to the office after it fails to steal the vault door. In the final game, once it touches the door, the Wheel-Bot immediately disappears and the door immediately gains a hole.



Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese N/A
French La Robotomie en trois leçons
Spanish Robotomía para novatos
German Robotomie für Anfänger
Russian N/A