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Robots on the Run
Robots on the Run
Splash text Catch and deactivate the Test Robots so they can be returned to G.
Characters Dot, Rookie, Snow-Bot, Jet-Bot, Jet Pack Guy
Games played Jet Pack Adventure
Elite Puffles used Blast, Loop, Flit, Chirp, Pop

Robots on the Run is the twelfth EPF mission in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. In this mission, the player must chase down and deactivate the two remaining rogue Test Robots.

Although not referred to as such in-game, this mission, and the previous and following ones retroactively comprise "Operation: Robotomy", as later mentioned in System Defender, Top Trumps cards, and others.


The player starts at the Ski Village, where several penguins are surrounding the closed-off Ski Hill. If the player talks to Dot, she informs them that a second Test Robots has been located, at the Ski Hill. She says that while it is unknown what the robot is doing, but some agents believe it broke the ski lift. She asks if the player is ready to put a stop to the robot, and if the player says yes, the mission begins.

Spoiler warning: Plot, puzzle, and/or ending details follow.

The player arrives at the top of the Ski Hill with Dot, where the Snow Bot is dismantling the ski lift. Dot asks the player what to do, who says they learned from the last robot to ask for help from the Elite Puffles. She says she will get out of the player's way and try and block the robot from escaping. If talked to again, the player can discuss with her about the Robotomy gadget and Elite Puffles. If the player attempts to reason with the Snow-Bot, it merely replies that its primary directive is "race". If Blast is used to hit the robot, it loses balance and falls off the Ski Hill. Dot tells the player they will need a good board to chase after it. The player must then equip the Pro Board from their suitcase and follow the robot down the Test Run.

The Snow-Bot is snowboarding down the hill, and when it spots the player, it tries to escape. A smaller version of the Pro Board is moving down the hill alongside the player, and the currently selected elite puffle, if there is one, rides it. Loop can be used to tie up the robot, which, combined with the wind speed, causing it to lose balance again. The Snow-Bot's steering mechanism jams, and it wipes out in the snow in the Wilderness. It manages to break the rope, but is stuck in a pile of snow and can't get out, and proceeds to broadcast a rescue signal. At this point, the Robotomy gadget can be used, but the robot puts up some firewalls to protect its systems. The player must navigate a battery through a small maze in three different systems, in any order. Touching the walls with the battery too many times triggers the alarm, forcing the player to restart that maze. Navigating the battery through all three firewalls deactivates the Snow-Bot and cancels the rescue signal, and it powers down.

The player rejoices, ready to put the Snow-Bot in a bubble, but the last robot, the Jet-Bot, flies down, having received the rescue signal. It grabs the Snow-Bot by the snowboard, and flies away, while the player fruitlessly tries to tell it to stop. Just then, Jet Pack Guy falls from the sky with a parachute. He sympathizes with the player, saying he was just about to catch the Jet-Bot but ran out of fuel. He also says the Snow-Bot's weight will slow down the Jet-Bot's flight. The player asks to borrow his jetpack to give chase, and he agrees, but is unsure of how the player will find fuel out in the wilderness to refuel the jetpack. Nearby, there is a pile of miscellaneous objects, including a can of fuel, which the player grabs. Jet Pack Guy questions where the player found it, who says they just got lucky. Refueled, the jetpack can be used to play Jet Pack Adventure to fly after the escaping robots. The Jet-Bot is encountered multiple times, and each time it does, it activates an emergency boost to get away.

Eventually, the player arrives at the peak of the Tallest Mountain, where the deactivated Snow-Bot and several stolen objects are, such as coffee bags tied to balloons and deflated inner tubes, although the Jet-Bot is nowhere in sight. The player can use Pop to put the Snow-Bot in a bubble, but the Jet-Bot flies down and pops it, by using a ski pole extending out of the hatch on its torso. It flies out of reach to the other side of the peak, and remarks it will be on standby to protect "Test Robot unit 2, code name Snow-Bot". Flit can be used to pop a balloon carrying a stolen bag of coffee beans, which hits the Jet-Bot, damaging it. It tries to reboot its radar systems, while its flying ability is limited to hovering. Chirp can be used, and at close range, the Jet-Bot's sound dampeners fail. It falls to the ground, declaring jet engine and navigation systems to be offline, and broadcasts an activation sequence. The player can then use the Robotomy gadget on the Jet-Bot, who also puts up firewalls.

After navigating through the firewalls, the Jet-Bot is deactivated, shutting it down and stopping the rescue signal. The player can use Pop again to put both deactivated robots in bubbles. Once this is done, images are shown: in the first one, the robots are returned to Gary. Despite them being damaged, Gary doesn't mind. Everyone is happy that things are finally normal again, and the the Stage's manager has created a special play in the player's honor. The player is also promoted to Ultra Super Amazing High Level Clearance, and the mission ends.

Spoilers end here.

Command Coach[]

If this mission is played in multi-player with the Command Coach, there is a hidden crate in the wilderness containing the Pink Cape. Both players obtain the item when found.

Wrong solution messages[]

While attempting to stop the Snow and Jet-Bots, using the wrong puffle for a situation prompts a unique message for each one. Cells with a red background do not have failure messages because they are correct solution. "SB" is what the Snow-Bot says, "JB" is what the Jet-Bot says, and "P" is what the player says.


Dismantling lift Escaping down hill Rescue signal
Bouncer SB: "Optical Protection secure."
P: "The robot is wearing goggles! The snowballs won't do anything."
SB: "Snowball impact registered. Optical Protection in place."
P: "Those goggles are keeping the Snow-Bot protected from Bouncer's snowballs."
SB: "Snowball impact registered. Optical protection in in place. Resuming Rescue Signal broadcast."
P: "Snowballs are not stopping the robot from calling for help."
Blast P: "The Snow-Bot is able to easily dodge Blast as long as he's moving at this speed."[1] WB: "Detecting structural damage. Rescue Signal Broadcast resumed."
P: "Blast can't make the robot stop calling for backup."
Flare SB: "Optical Sensors detecting flammable furball. Cooling mechanism activated... SUCCESS!"
P: "This robot is well prepared against welding puffles."
SB: "Flammable furball detected. Wind speed stabilizing temperature."
P: "The wind is cooling off the robot just as Flare heats up its flame."
SB: "Extreme heat source detected. Resuming Rescue Signal broadcast."
P: "Raising the temperature of the robot does not seem to disrupt the signal."
Loop SB: "Detecting fiber blockage. Run release sequence...SUCCESS!"
P: "The rope can't tighten when the robot is moving."
P: "The robot is stuck in the snow. There's no need to use another piece of rope."[2]
Pop P: "This robot is able to break out of Pop's bubble easily."[1] P: "This robot is able to break out of Pop's bubble easily."[1] SB: "Soap Sphere detected. Performing breach. Resuming Rescue Signal broadcast."
P: "This robot doesn't want to be put in a bubble."
Flit SB: "Optical Sensors detecting flying furball. Threat level minimal."
P: "The green puffle doesn't pose a threat to the robot."
SB: "Incoming furball detected. Threat level minimal."
P: "The robot is not too concerned about Flit getting close."
SB: "Radar detecting flying object. Type match: furball. Rescue Signal broadcast resumed."
P: "That's weird. It's like the robot is expecting an aerial rescue or something."
Chirp SB: "Sound Dampeners holding at 55%."
P: "It seems this robot isn't as sound proof as the first one, but it still holds up well against Chirp."
SB: "Sound deflectors holding at 50%."
P: "This robot is able to easily withstand Chirp's sound."
SB: "Sound dampeners at 45%. Rescue Signal Broadcast resumed."
P: "Chirp's sound is not enough to interrupt the robot's rescue signal."
Mechano-Duster SB: "ATCHOO! Nose Sensor stabilized... SUCCESS"
P: "Well, now we know the Mechano-Duster makes this robot sneeze."
SB: "ATCHOO! Nasal Sensor stabilized. Resuming escape."
P: "The Mechano-Duster makes the robot sneeze but not trip."
SB: "Nasal breach ignored. Rescue Signal Broadcast resumed."
P: "This wont do! The robot continues to send out its rescue signal."
Robotomy P: "The robot needs to hold still before I can get close enough to deactivate it." P: "The Robotomy gadget requires precision. It can't be used while racing down the hill."


Protecting Snow Bot[3] Rebooting radar Activation signal
Bouncer JB: "Snowball impact registered. Weatherproof flight goggles holding."
P: "The Jet-Bot has goggles that protect it against the snow."
JB: "Snowball impact registered and ignored. Weatherproof flight goggles holding."
P: "It's official. Even at close-range snowball hits won't affect the Jet-Bot."
JB: "Snowball impact registered and ignored. Activation signal stable..."
P: "Okay, so snow is not going to stop this Jet-Bot from sending out a signal."
Blast JB: "Proximity breach. Evasive Action 1... SUCCESS"
P: "The robot is too far for Blast to have any effect."
JB: "Furry projectile detected. Escape Action 1... INSTANT"
P: "This Jet-Bot is too fast for Blast in such close quarters."
JB: "Collision detected. Main structure intact. Broadcasting Activation Sequence..."
P: "Blast's hit rattled the robot a bit but not enough to make a real difference."
Flare JB: "Detecting flammable furball. Temperature below limit tolerance."
P: "This robot seems to be designed to withstand temperatures higher than Flare's welding torch."
JB: "Detecting flammable furball. Temperature reading 90% below limit tolerance."
P: "This robot seems to be designed to withstand temperatures higher than Flare's welding torch."
JB: "Temperature readings 80% below limit tolerance. Activation signal stable..."
P: "It's no use, this particular robot is well-insulated for high temperatures."
Loop JB: "Detecting rope restraints. Initiating release sequence."
P: "This robot can easily use its engines to burn through Loop's rope."
JB: "Detecting rope restraints. Initiating release sequence."
P: "Loop's rope is no match for the jet engines."
JB: "Engine thrust for release sequence possible. Resuming activation sequence broadcast..."
P: "This robot is not going to let itself get tied up."
Pop JB: "Collision with soap sphere. Performing breach... SUCCESS"
P: "Pop's bubbles aren't very affective against these robots..."
P: "That robot would just burst my bubble."[1] WB: "Automating secondary structural breach. Resuming Activation Sequence broadcast..."
P: "The Jet-Bot is not about to be put in a bubble just yet."
Flit JB: "Optical Sensors detecting flying furball. Threat level minimal."
P: "Flit may be the only one that can fly right up to this robot without raising alarm."
JB: "Optical Sensors detecting flying furball. Threat level minimal."
P: "Flit is not strong enough to disable the Jet-Bot by itself."
JB: "Optical Sensors detecting flying furball. Broadcasting Activation Sequence..."
P: "It's no use, Flit. You can't stop it from sending whatever signal it's sending out."
Chirp JB: "Sound dampeners holding at 5%."
P: "That worked well, but the robot is too far away for the full effect of Chirp's sounds."
JB: "Engine and Navigation Systems offline. Activation Signal stable..."
P: "Whatever the 'Activation Signal' is, Chirp's sound is not having any effect on it."
Mechano-Duster P: "The Jet-Bot is flying too far away to use the Mechano-Duster gadget." JB: "Feathery assault failure. All vents sealed."
P: "This robot may be feather proof."
JB: "Feathery assault failed. Resuming Activation Sequence broadcast..."
P: "The Mechano-Duster is not having much of an effect on this robot."
Robotomy P: "The Jet-Bot is flying too far away to use the Robotomy gadget." P: "The robot is moving too much for the Robotomy Gadget to be effective."
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Although wrong solutions involving puffles usually have a comment from the Jet/Snow-Bot followed by one from the player, some do not, but they have corresponding unused messages in the text files, suggesting these messages were likely either scrapped or coded incorrectly:
    • For Pop during the lift-dismantling sequence, the Snow-Bot's unused message is "Soap sphere encountered. Performing structural breach... SUCCESS!"
    • For Blast during the snowboard escape sequence, the Snow-Bot's unused message is "Incoming projectile detected. Snowboarding speed optimal. Initiating avoidance techniques."
    • For Pop during the snowboard escape sequence, the Snow-Bot's unused message is "Soap Sphere detected. Performing breach. Resuming escape."
    • For Pop during the radar-rebooting sequence, the Jet-Bot's unused message is "Occurrence of soap sphere. Breach activate... SUCCESS."
  2. When attempting to use an elite puffle against any of the robots in the game during any scenario, the animation for the puffle using their ability still plays, even if it is not the correct solution. However, attempting to use Loop when the Snow-Bot is stuck does not play an animation.
  3. These messages appear when the player attempts to directly the target the Jet-Bot, while the correct solution is to pop the balloon carrying a bag of coffee beans. Besides Flit, the correct solution, all other attempts at interactions with the balloon has the player think "The balloon is too far away and too small for this puffle to reach." The same message is used if the player attempts to use the Mechano Duster, Super Power Flashlight (which is never used against robots at any point in the game, nor has any messages for attempts to use it otherwise), or Robotomy, despite these all being gadgets, and not puffles.


  • After completing this mission, the player cannot access the Stage until the next mission is completed.
  • Before starting the mission, the player can talk to various penguins.
    • Gary is in the HQ, who tells the player about the Snow-Bot causing trouble on the Ski Hill. He can be asked for more information, where he says he saw the robot dismantle the Ski Lift, through security cameras, and that the Snow-Bot is build for speed, rather than strength.
    • Besides Dot, several penguins are at the Ski Village.
      • Blazer X and his red team rival are both anxious yet understanding that they can't go snowboarding at the moment.
      • Rookie says he is keeping penguins away from the slopes. If asked for help, he says he has things under control and that the player should check with Dot instead.
      • Aunt Arctic, once again, requests an information for the Club Penguin Times. If the player obliges, they tell her, "off the record", that the current incident is likely related to the robots. Aunt Arctic asks if deactivating another robot would be difficult, but the player replies "not at the moment", and then tells her, "on the record", that the EPF could use everyone's help in reporting robot sightings.
  • At the Ski Hill, Dot says "Smart thinking. I'll stay out of your way and make sure It doesn't escape." The word it should not be capitalized in this sentence.
  • In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, some objects in the overworld can be interacted with, which causes them to drop a single coin. Although interactable objects that are required to progress through a mission usually do not drop a coin, the junk pile in the wilderness is the sole exception: it drops a coin while the player obtains fuel from it.
  • The player can pick up the can of fuel from the junk pile before deactivating the Jet-Bot.
    • Attempting to use it on the Jet-Bot has no effect, but there is unused dialog from the player for this situation: "More fuel is not going to help deactivate the robot."
  • There are several pieces of unused dialog for after the Jet-Bot is hit with the bag of coffee beans (JB is Jet-Bot, P is player):
    • JB: "WARNING...Unexpected coffee bean collision. Radar mechanism offline."
      P: "That's it! The coffee bag knocked the Jet-Bot's radar out."
      JB: "Guidance systems not responding. Proceeding to mountain for repairs."
      P: "The Jet-Bot has to fly close to the ground until it can repair itself. Now is the chance to get close to it."
    • In the final game, no dialog occurs after the Jet-Bot is hit. If the player "talks" to the Jet-Bot, it says it needs to reboot its radar systems, but because the lines are unused, the reasons why its rebooting its radar, and why it flew down onto the mountain, are both left unexplained.
  • At the end of the mission, if the player chooses to put the Jet-Bot in a bubble first, they then remark "Perfect! Now to get the other robot." But, if the player instead chooses to put the Snow-Bot is in a bubble first, then after putting the Jet-Bot in a bubble as well, the player remarks "Got 'em! Now back to G's."



Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese N/A
French Robots en cavale
Spanish Robots a la fuga
German Roboterflucht
Russian N/A