Full Name Raquel "Rocky" Oprah Blue
Species Penguin
Position Dancer, Choreographer
Appeared Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam
Color Aqua
Clothes Items Rocky's Hair, Rocky Outfit, Rocky Shoes, Rocky Necklace
Related To None
Friends With CeCe, Cadence, Franky, Stompin' Bob, G Billy, Petey K, You (if you add her)
Meetable Character? Formerly
Voiced/ Played By Zendaya Coleman
OMG! Amazing outfit!
— Rocky

Rocky is a character from Disney Channel's television show, "Shake It Up". She was visiting Club Penguin Island during the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam event with her best friend, CeCe.

Rocky is part of a group of penguins who is helping to create the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam party, along with The Penguin Band, Cadence, and CeCe. It is mentioned by Cadence that Rocky is one of her good friends. She seems to be new to Club Penguin Island and from somewhere else, as she does not know what a puffle is according to her mascot scripts.

She's a sweet and smart overachiever with a really big heart who loves to dance with her best friend CeCe.


Rocky is a big girly girl who loves music and dancing. She shares this quality with her best friend, CeCe. She also is very smart, and loves homework and school. She has a really big heart and is kind to almost everyone she meets.


  • Rocky loves school and she holds a perfect attendance record.
  • She is a vegetarian.
  • Rocky has taken karate before and when asked about Sensei she says,"Who's Sensei?" "Hmm..." "Maybe I should challenge this Sensei..." "To a Karate-Dance off!"
  • According to CeCe, her favorite game is homework.
  • She does not have her own stamp, mostly because she is just a visitor to Club Penguin.
  • She is seen with her best friend, CeCe.
  • On April 25, 2013, Rocky's in-game sprites and player cards have been completely removed from Club Penguin files, meaning she will not come back at any time.


  • Rocky here.
  • You guys look awesome!
  • I hope you guys have practiced...
  • We're gonna dance till we drop!
  • Get on stage!
  • Dancers let's go, go, go!
  • Can we get more dancers on stage?
  • Alright, let's make a video!
  • This chair is REALLY tall...
  • Make a dance circle!
  • Could someone get me a water?
  • Let's wrap it up folks!
  • G Billy? Yeah he's cool!
  • I know all of the Penguin Band!
  • I'm not getting you a Puffle Cece.
  • Time to go CeCe
  • Keep dancing!
  • Who's Sensei? Hmm... Maybe I should challenge this Sensei... To a Karate-Dance off!


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