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Players 1
Controls Mouse/keyboard
Minigame location Beta Team website
Date released May 3, 2011
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Rollerscape (also known as Rollerscape: The Ice Caves or Rollerscape 1.0) was a temporary mini-game in the Beta Team. It is the beta version of the game Pufflescape. The objective of this game is to help a White Puffle collect O-Berries, and collecting keys to unlock the door to the next level (or stage) of an ice maze. Some obstacles could be moved, in order to create new paths, and to allow the puffle to reach all the O-Berry's and to obtain the key. The game is no longer available.


Rollerscape puffle

The puffle from the game.

There are two modes in Rollerscape, which are normal mode: where you must try and escape the ice maze, and race mode, where you must try and complete each level separately and get as many O-Berry's as you can.


In Normal Mode, to move the puffle, you either click the space in front or behind of him to move him or use the left and right arrow keys to move him. You may also use A and D for movement (using WASD keys). After getting the first O-berry, you can click the second icon on the top left corner to get a map that gives you a hint to which object you move to get the bunch of O-berries. You can click on objects to move it and place it so that you may get the bunch of O-berries. There are 10 levels.


Race Mode is the same as Normal except there is a timer on the Key, O-Berry, and Bunch. If you are too slow, they will disappear. If the key disappears, the game will automatically restart.


  • So far, the only known puffle to be playable in this game is the White Puffle, henseforth it being in ice caves. You could rate and comment on the game and officially beta test it.



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