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Rookie Waving
Full Name Rookie
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Elite Penguin Force Agent, Famous Penguin, Communications Leader
Appeared Secret Missions, Newspaper, April Fools' Party 2011, Underwater Party 2012, April Fools' Party 2012, The Fair 2012, Operation: Blackout, Operation: Hot Sauce (not actually meetable, sprite only), School opening, Halloween Party 2013, The Fair 2014, School & Skate Party, Pi Day, The Fair 2015, Club Penguin: Monster Beach Party, 10th Anniversary Party, Operation: Crustacean, Operation: Tri-umph, Finding Dory Party
Color Green (Sometimes)
Dark Green (in game sometimes)
Clothes Items Rookies Hat,
Rookies Sunglasses,
Rookies Shirt,
Rookies Cardboard Box (sometimes)
Curly Mustache (sometimes) and Rookie's Halloween Shirt (Temporary)
Related To Rock (Pet)
Friends With Gary, Jet Pack Guy, Dot, Director of the PSA (Aunt Arctic), Puffle Handler, Animal and You (if you add him)
Meetable Character? Yes
For his Club Penguin Island counterpart, see Rookie (CPI).
Has anyone seen my pet rock? Tell me if you find it! Thanks!
— Rookie

Rookie is the Public Relations officer and Communications leader for the EPF and an intern Secret Agent. He is a green (sometimes dark green) penguin always wearing a red propeller cap, and a pair of red sunglasses. Added later to his appearance is his red Hawaiian shirt patterned with white flowers. He appears in Secret Missions #3, #7, #10, and #11, and also Club Penguin.

Rookie made his first appearance on March 26, 2007. His first appearance was in the mission "Case of the Missing Coins" when he is examining the vault. Like most people who are rookies in real-life activities, Rookie makes mistakes that more experienced agents wouldn't. He is also an EPF Agent and former PSA Agent. Rookie was officially released as a mascot on Club Penguin as of March 26, 2011; exactly four years after his debut.

Rookie ingame

Rookie's in-game sprite.

He hosted the April Fools' Party 2012, to find out where Orange Puffles come from. This opened up 2 new dimensions, the Zany Dimension, and the Orange Dimension. He also hosted the Halloween Party 2013. He is the organizer of The Fair 2012, The Fair 2014, the School & Skate Party, and The Fair 2015.


Rookie first appears in the PSA Missions as more of a nervous first-day agent (hint to his name) who makes small (but usually quite costly) mistakes. He has quickly evolved into a silly character whose intelligence is lackluster but is an overall nice guy. He is one of the first characters you associate with beyond Gary who is a PSA agent. His role in the EPF has stepped back as he is now a mascot for parties such as April Fools' Parties and The Fair. He is known for being very irresponsible and clumsy.


In Missions[]

  • Mission 3: Helps on the Missing Coins case. He guards the vault in the Gift Shop, but accidentally closes it and forgets the combination. Later he watches after the coins that were on the ceiling.
  • Mission 7: Posts signs around the Town to help find the missing Prime Gear.
  • Mission 10: Is a member of the Waddle Squad. He accidentally tells Herbert about the Golden Puffle at the Night Club, but that was deemed alright because the puffle was a trap. Then he prepares the Electromagnet 3000 in the Gift Shop but cannot power it due to forgetting to bring the Solar Panel 3000. After capturing Herbert, Rookie gives him his Spy Phone and allows Herbert to teleport away and escape, only to leave behind a packet of seeds.
  • Mission 11: Is sent to investigate the disappearance of several items in the Gift Shop. He also wonders if wigs can be part of their uniforms. Afterwards, he helps you stop Herbert's video transmission. He later appears in the HQ during the popcorn-bomb crisis.

In Mini-games[]

In System Defender Advanced Challenge Number 38/100, he is the suspect. He let out the bugs because he thought the jar they were in said "COMPUTER HUGS". After learning his lesson from Jet Pack Guy, he decided to take hugs from puffles and trees, which confuses Jet Pack Guy.

In Video Games[]



Rookie spotted at the April Fools' Party 2011.

In The Club Penguin Times[]

  • He appeared in the Newspaper in August 2008, talking about the Penguin Games with Rory.
  • Is in "Ask Rookie" for April Fools. Also writes some secrets in the back page of the Club Penguin Times.
  • In the Club Penguin Times newspaper that announced the end of the blackout in Operation: Blackout he was revealed as a secret EPF Agent to the public of Club Penguin.

In Specials[]

  • Rookie appeared in the television special Monster Beach Party as a CPSN commentator. This also marks his vocal debut.

In the secrets section.


  • Rookie is friends with Jet Pack Guy, Gary, Aunt Arctic, Rory, Dot, The Director, PH and You (in the Missions, or if you meet him).
  • Rookie is an enemy of Herbert, Klutzy and Protobot because of his partnership with the EPF.
  • When you ask Rookie about Cadence, he says "Cadence she's pretty cool" and "Cadence is a great singer!"
  • In Club Penguin Times Issue #472, it is revealed Rookie thinks fondly of Rockhopper and calls him his "pirate pal," however he seems oblivious to the dismay he can cause to the Captain, as he informed Rookie that he was "on thin ice." Rookie, confused, interpreted it as needing to practice the arcade game Thin Ice.


Rookie made up 2 poems for the Club Penguin Times during April Fools' Party 2010:

Oh propellor hat upon my head!
With awesome stripes in white and red,
You're the greatest hat I ever had,
You pick me up when I get sad.
But also when I'm happy too,
Right up in the sky so blue.
How do you do that? I'm not sure...
But on my head you'll be secure.
Thank you hat for all you do,
You're THIS Rookie's dream come true.

— Rookie

Quack, whack, thwack, ack!
Why can't I be on the right track?
Who's the penguin with the Propeller hat?
It's me, the Rookie,
And that is that!

— Rookie

Top Trumps Coverage[]

The Elite Penguin Force's most excitable agent often gets himself into trouble. Amongst other mission mishaps, he once released bugs into the System Defender game.


  • "Before I go, I'm giving you an advice, if a jug says HUGS, do not get it, it may be BUGS."
  • "I thought it said computer HUGS".
  • "You know what? I don't even want a computer hug anymore!"
  • "Gadzooks! Someone call the EPF! Oh wait, that's us!"
  • "What's that supposed to mean?"
  • "You got me!"
  • When someone asks him how long he has been an agent he says "An agent? What's an agent?"
  • "Ring ring. I wonder who that is?. Oh? okay! I gotta go, EPF Stuff! I mean, uhh, bye!"
  • "Don't ever put too much anvils on the beach!, you gotta trust me."
  • "Clowns? Yikes! I need to run from clowns!"
  • From the Yearbook 2012-2013, "Always pack a spare lucky clover. And glue your hat on."
  • From the Yearbook 2013-2014, "Making mistakes is okay. I do it all the time! You can always turn it into something fun!"

Rookie's Items[]

Rookie has a collection of items that he uses or has used, here is a list of the confirmed ones:


Due to his clumsy nature, Rookie has made countless mistakes, which causes a lot of commotion, and usually results in an unexpected Rookie-based storyline taking place at a party.

  • For some strange reason, Rookie has a history of over-ordering. First anvils, and later candy.
  • On March 20, 2014, on the Spy Phone, the Director said that Rookie had lost his spy phone privileges due to revealing classified information to agents.
    • On March 13, a week before the Director's message, Rookie stated that he and his rubber ducky were playing hide-and-seek, and was asking about the encrypted file Q1JBQg-2001. The code translates to "CRAB" in Base64 code.
      • At the end of the Puffle Party 2014, Rookie got his Spy Phone privileges back, and is now tasked to cleaning Gary's lab.
  • According to Gary 3000, Rookie barely destroyed the Stage sometime in the future. However, his pet rock saved the Stage.[1]
    • He made a mess of the School, leaving students with some hazards to face.
  • He marked CPU students' science tests with drawings as seen in Club Penguin Times issue #466.


  • In the 7th, 10th, and 11th mission, if you move your cursor towards his hat, the propeller will spin.
  • Stated by himself in Mission 11, he had to take the Secret Agent Test 44 times.
  • According to the EPF game System Defender, Rookie hates SPAM, has a collection of Fish Recipes stored on the EPF mainframe, and somehow speaks crab language.
  • It states in the Club Penguin Times that the April Fools' Party 2011 started early because a penguin opened new rooms in the Box Dimension. The penguin is Rookie because the picture shows a green penguin with a propeller cap running away.

Rookie unlocks the dimensions.


The strange message from Herbert P. Bear, acting as Rookie.

  • Rookie was the judge along with Aunt Arctic in the St. Patrick's Day Igloo Competition, which replaced the St. Patrick's Day Party.
  • The closest to impersonating Rookie is to turn green and wear the Red Propeller Cap, the Red Sunglasses and the Hawaiian Shirt.
  • On the Top Trumps - Club Penguin pack, Rookie's intelligence level is only 13 out of 100.
    • He also has the lowest intelligence out of all the other characters.
  • He helped judge the April Fool's Igloo contest in 2012 with Aunt Arctic.
  • According to the 2011-2012 Yearbook, he is the most likely to order too many anvils and sink half the island and he did it in Underwater Expedition.
  • Rookie appeared in the Club Herbert Times as Rook E and asked Herbert P. Bear whether he had helped save the island once.
  • He has a special section in the Club Penguin Magazine called Rookiepedia, which has been running from A and will most likely go the whole way to Z.
    • Also in the Magazine, he features in nearly all the comics, most of them relating around him or the Penguin Band. A memorable appearance was in Speed Demons in Issue #15 where despite making a slow start, everyone crashed and he won.
  • In the Magazine, it was revealed he discovered orange puffles. This means he, PH and Rockhopper have all discovered at least one species.
  • Rookie appeared without sunglasses covering his eyes on the Rookie Anvil BG and in issue #362 of the Club Penguin Times.
  • As of April 5, 2013, he is the final of all the original mascots from 2006-2012 to get the new penguin look.
  • He owns a similar background to the Clouds Background.
  • Rookie owns a pet rock.[2]
  • Rookie thinks Jet Pack Guy is very awesome, and considers him one of his best friends.
  • Revealed during WaddleOn: Sidekick Search, Rookie has a sidekick named "Woody".[3]
  • Rookie stated that he is afraid of clowns (Coulrophobia) since The Fair 2012.[4]
  • He first became a Tour Guide after many attempts at passing the test in January 2014.[5]
  • His favorite ride during The Fair 2014 was the Space Squid.[6]
  • Rookie got to know Animal a bit when the Muppets visited the island during the Muppets World Tour. Animal even taught him how to play the rake.[7]
  • During a visit of Gary 3000 during the Future Party, he mentioned Rookie being the Director of the Extra-Planetary Federation at one point.[8] He was probably up on Upzar II with the rest of the group during the party.
  • Rookie loves full moon fireballs.[9]
  • Rookie says his real name is "too silly to say"; this implies that Rookie is not his real name and is only his rank.[10]
  • As informed in issue #553 of the Club Penguin Times, Rookie has glued his hat to his head so he doesn't lose it.
  • According to his Top Trumps - Club Penguin Card, his epic moment was "Saving the island with the help of a rubber ducky". When this event occurred is unknown, but it may be referring to An Agent's Work Is Never Done in which Rookie attempts to use the Rubber Duck 3000 to defeat The Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000.


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