Full name Rookie
Species Penguin
Gender? Male
Gives adventures? Yes
Position Agent
Voiced by Kyle McCarley[1]
For his Club Penguin counterpart, see Rookie.
Good jokes are funny. Bad jokes are HILARIOUS!
— Rookie

Rookie is the Public Relations officer and Comm leader for the EPF and an intern secret agent. Players can usually find him near his house on Mt. Blizzard, ready to offer adventures in exchange for prizes like coins, emojis, and more.


Rookie is made out to not be the most intelligent penguin, which is shown when he is told to watch Beacon Boardwalk, but doesn't stop Herbert from stealing the hot sauce reservoir.

Featuring Adventures

Below is a list of adventures that Rookie appears in, but are not his:


Chapter 1: Pick of the Year

Name Rookie rank required Splash text Rewards
Ep. 1 - Drop In 0 Rookie plans to win the Pick of the Year for Mt. Blizzard TV Camera gear, 50 coins, 75 XP
Ep. 2 - Fixer Upper 1 Mt. Blizzard, new and improved? Wearable Cheese, Cheesey Cap, 50 coins, 85 XP
Ep. 3 - Tubular Tech 2 The new tube takes Rookie for a spin Tropical Tee, 50 coins, 80 XP
Ep. 4 - Safety First Rookie's upgrades don't measure up to Jet Pack Guy's safety standards 6 emojis, 50 coins, 90 XP
Ep. 5 - Special Delivery 3 Tubing Life judges are doing their reviews and everything is fine! Golden Tube, 50 coins, 100 XP

Chapter 2: Get Exposure

Name Rookie rank required Splash text Rewards
Ep. 1 - Peak Fitness 3 Train with Jet Pack Guy for Rookie's latest high-stakes stunt 3 fabrics, 50 coins, 110 XP
Ep. 2 - Better Yeti 4 Rookie is grounded, literally. But Gary offers a scientific alternative Ben's Boots, 50 coins, 110 XP
Ep. 3 - Windy Path Record your treacherous climb up Mt. Blizzard 50 coins, 140 XP
Ep. 4 - Make Good 5 You can't bring Gary his data, but maybe you can bring him some fun 3 emojis, 50 coins, 140 XP
Ep. 5 - Colder Climes Another trip up Mt. Blizzard?! A chilling thought! Multitool gear, 50 coins, 160 XP


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