News 356 support story construction worker

Full Name Rory the Construction Worker
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Construction Worker
Appeared Secret Missions
Color Orange
Clothes Items Safety Vest, Hard Hat, Safety Glasses (sometimes)
Related To Unknown
Friends With Gary, Rookie, Elite Penguin Force Agents
Meetable Character? No
For his Club Penguin Island counterpart, see Rory (CPI).
Rory's my name, and construction's my game.
— Rory

Rory is a construction worker on Club Penguin. He is an orange penguin that always wears a construction jacket and a hard hat, and occassionly orange safety sunglasses. Rory runs a construction crew, and occasionally mops the Pizza Parlor. He could also be Gary's buddy. Rory also owns a Snow Trekker. He also built the PSA and EPF Headquarters and created the mini-game Smoothie Smash.



  • He made a cameo in Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite!
  • While searching "Rory" in the Friends List yields no results, if a new account is attempted to be made with the name, the name will displayed as already being taken.
  • In the last issue of Club Herbert Times, the main story hinted that Rory may be part of the EPF, as it said anonymous construction worker.




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