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News 356 support story construction worker
Full Name Rory the Construction Worker
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position Construction Worker
Appeared PSA Secret Missions
Color Orange
Clothes Items Safety Vest, Hard Hat, Safety Goggles (sometimes)
Related To Unknown
Friends With Gary, Rookie, Elite Penguin Force Agents
Meetable Character? No
For his Club Penguin Island counterpart, see Rory (CPI).
Hey there pal. Rory's the name, and construction's my game.
— Rory

Rory was a construction worker in Club Penguin. He was an orange penguin who wore a safety vest, a hard hat, and sometimes, safety goggles. Rory was part of a construction crew, and occasionally mopped the Pizza Parlor. He was involved in many construction projects on the island, such as the remodeling of several rooms following Operation: Blackout. He also commentated at the Penguin Games along with Rookie, in the Club Penguin Times. He made multiple appearances in PSA Secret Missions as well.



  • Rory first appeared in issue 108 of the Club Penguin Times.
  • Rory often spoke in unusual figures of speech, often referencing food. Examples include:
    • "I'm as proud as a crab with a clawful of caramel cakes." from issue #150 of the Club Penguin Times, when the Penguin Games ended.
    • "Much like Santa, I'm impressed and full of cake." from issue #168 of the Club Penguin Times.
    • "Well, I'm not gonna sugar coat this or dip it in mustard—it's a big job. We don't dig the mess, so we're helping to dig it out." from issue #222 of the Club Penguin Times.
    • "That polar bear is grumpier than a Mullet fish at a ballet recital, And this Blackout is as finished as a grilled cheese sandwich at midnight." from issue #371 of the Club Penguin Times.
  • He built the Ship Igloo using the blueprints Rockhopper drew.
  • While searching "Rory" in the Friends List yielded no results, if a new account was attempted to be made with the name, it appeared as already being taken.