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Were you looking for the Astro Barrier?

The SS Astro Barrier is a fictional space ship in Club Penguin that was used as scenery for the Stage plays Space Adventure and Space Adventure Planet Y. It was boarded by Captain Snow and Ensign. The ship encounters a technical default and crashes into Planet X. The ship is later repaired and begins to return to Club Penguin Island, but as they crew were passing through an asteroid belt, the space ship collides with an asteroid and crashes into Planet Y. The ship was repaired again and set to land at the Iceberg.

The interior of the space ship.


  • Captain Snow - The lead astronaut who boards this space ship.
  • Ensign- Another astronaut who boards along with Captain Snow.
  • Zip - An alien, encountered in Planet X. It made friends with Snow and Ensign.
  • Robot - A Robot, which they encounter in Planet X. It made friends with Snow and Ensign.


The ship is small, and contains four chairs and a few computer modules. Overhead are computer systems with screens, that can either show radars or images of space. There is a large glass window in the back.


  • It is odd that the ship has SS in its name, as "S.S." stands for "steamship". In this case however, it could stand for "spaceship".