Safety Quiz Menu 2014

The quiz interface.

The Safety Quiz is a quiz on Club Penguin, added on February 6, 2014. It has 6 questions about safety on the internet.
If you answered all of the questions correctly, you will receive the Online Safety Sweater. It was released as part of the It Starts With You campaign.


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  • There is a glitch, when you first open the safety quiz, the game will freeze and you cant click anything. The only way to fix this is log off and log in again.


  • A sneak peek of this feature was first seen in episode 9 of The Spoiler Alert.
  • The icon of the quiz replaced the former icon for the information of how to report a player, however, when you finish the quiz for the first time, the new Report a Player icon, that looks similar to the old one but little edited appears.



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