Salary was the payment in Club Penguin that Tour Guides, Secret Agents, and later EPF agents, received on the first day of each month for performing their duties. Salaries were paid through Penguin Mail. Paychecks would still be sent even if the player did not login to Club Penguin during the month.

There was nothing special that a player needed to do to receive the money – a player would still receive their paycheck even if they had not conducted any tours or secret missions that month.

Starting on May 1, 2009, penguins who were PSA Secret Agents or Tour Guides began to receive 250 coins each per month for doing their "jobs". This was first confirmed by Billybob, and later in the Club Penguin Times (issue #184). Income for both jobs could be received, so penguins who were both a Secret Agent and a Tour Guide could receive a total of 500 coins each month.

When the PSA was destroyed and the EPF was introduced, EPF agents could receive a higher salary of 350 coins, meaning players could then receive a total of 600 coins per month. Ninjas were not paid, as they didn't do a service important enough to warrant a salary.

There was a bug on December 1, 2010 when EPF agents received an "I Met Rockhopper!" postcard, instead of the EPF paycheck.


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