Full Name  ?????
Species N/A
Gender N/A
Position N/A
Appeared Game files
Color N/A
Clothes Items ?????
Related To N/A
Friends With N/A
Meetable Character? N/A

Sasquatch (referred to in some files as ?????) is an unidentified creature, who made a first appearance in an unused clothing .swf file. Its official name and the name of its outfit are currently unknown. He was labeled a mascot in Club Penguin's files, Right now you can meet him only for a couple of days there is no meet up times yet its anonymous. Meeting him allows obtaining the Mystery Background.


  • The head of this creature is covered with what appears to be the Party Hat.
  • It bears a resemblance to Rockhopper.
  • The snowballs that it throws are identical to the Freezing Super Gloves.
  • In the files its name is set as ??????.[1]
  • On August 8th, he was officially referred to as Sasquatch for the first time, in his sprite file, which appears in the same folder as that of Herbert and Kermit. [2]


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  1. According to the clothing, mascots and mascot messages JSON files, as for August 7, 2014.
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