Full Name  ??????
Species N/A
Gender N/A
Position N/A
Appeared Club Penguin
Color N/A
Clothes Items ?????
Related To N/A
Friends With You (if you add him)
Meetable Character? Yes

Sasquatch (referred to in some files as ??????) is an unidentified creature, who made a first appearance in an unused clothing .swf file. Its official name and the name of its outfit are currently unknown. He was labeled a mascot in Club Penguin's files. Meeting him allows you to obtain the Mystery Background.


  • This creature has a Party Hat on its head although it has a paler coloration. This shows he has been in Club Penguin since its inauguration.
  • Its beard has a resemblance to Rockhopper's beard.
  • The snowballs that it throws are identical to the Freezing Super Gloves.[1]
  • In the files its name is set as ??????.[2]
    • Sensei was also given the same name temporarily during the Dig Out The Dojo. At the event, this is also where the Yeti was first seen.
  • On August 8th, he was officially referred to as Sasquatch for the first time, in his sprite file, which appears in the same folder as that of Herbert and Kermit. [3]
  • He is the third non-penguin mascot, but only the second one not to be a special guest.
  • He navigates through rooms very fast as if it was trying to lose the players and often grunts showing that he does not like to be in public or he is shy.
  • He does not have his own stamp in the Characters section of the Stamp Book. This could suggest he may not return or his stamp will be added later.
  • Sasquatch is the name of a Server.


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