The Sasquatch

Full Name  ??????
Species Unknown
Gender Unknown
Position Unknown
Appeared Club Penguin
Color N/A
Clothes Items ?????
Related To None
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? Yes

?????? (mostly referred to as Sasquatch) is an unidentified creature, which became a mascot in August 2014. It made a first appearance in an unused clothing .swf file, and was labeled a mascot in Club Penguin's files. Meeting it allows you to obtain the Mystery Background.



  • This creature has a Party Hat on its head.
  • It's beard has a resemblance to Rockhopper's beard.
  • The snowballs that it throws are identical to the Freezing Super Gloves.[1]
  • In the files its name is set as ??????.[2]
  • Although its name has never officially been released, the sprites file for the creature, which was released on August 8, refers to it as sasquatch. Other files have subsequently labeled it as "Sasquatch".[3]
  • It is the third non-penguin mascot, but only the second one not to be a special guest.
  • Sasquatch is also the name of a Server.
  • On October 7, 2014, it started appearing around the island again.
  • The Sasquatch "won" the Penguin of the Week on November 20, 2014.[4][5]
  • It made a cameo appearance in Awesome to be Rare.
  • According to a fact file seen in the Club Penguin Magazine issue 38, this creature likes scratching its belly, and dislikes being spotted.
  • It was mentioned in a short "Island Rumors" section in issue #487 of the Club Penguin Times, on February 19, 2015. The article suggested that Sasquatch might be looking for something or someone.


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