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Save the Island!
Genre Trailer/Commercial
Length 0:35
Season 1
Characters Herbert, three EPF agents, and Gary the Gadget Guy
Series ?
Release Date November 2, 2012

Save the Island! is an advertisement video. It was released on November 2, 2012 for Operation: Blackout. Herbert begins chaos on the island as he captures Gary, blows up the Everyday Phoning Facility, and three penguins go to Herbert's Blackout Fortress to defeat him. This is actually the main sneak peek for Operation: Blackout.

Episode description

Herbert P. Bear kidnaps Gary the Gadget Guy. Then it shows the Everyday Phoning Facility blowing up. Next it shows three EPF agents throwing a grappling hook to attach to a vent in Herbert's Fortress. They climb the rope and slide down the chute. After that, they go inside Herbert's Fortress. Herbert P. Bear is shown laughing with an evil tone. Finally it shows the laser device shooting into the sky, and anti-light is shown coming up through tubes on a hill and blacking out the sun.


  • It has to do with the storyline of Operation: Blackout. It is more of a commercial for the party, but is still classified as a short.
  • In Herbert's Blackout Fortress, there are six tubes. One has Gary in it, and the other five are respectfully for You, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, The Director (Aunt Arctic), and Dot.
  • The three penguins might be the same from Halloween, since there are 2 males and 1 female.
  • Gary was kidnapped on November 8th 2012.
  • The three agents (Aqua, Brown, Green, and Dark Green) are the same as the penguins on the Holiday Party 2012 homepage.
  • The three agents appear in the Operation: Blackout Homepage.
  • This is not a real episode, only a sneak peek that uses the Animated Short style. The commercials now use the Animated Short style for now on.
  • This episode did not have a sneak peek (excluding a picture of Gary's broken glasses), because it is basically a sneak peek itself.

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