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Scare Challenge
Scare Challenge Main Screen.png
Players 1
Controls Arrow Keys
Space Bar
Minigame location Anywhere, even your igloo
Date released June 27, 2013

The Scare Challenge was a mini-game at the Monsters University Takeover.


The objective of the game was to reach the Simulator Penguin without waking it by failing to avoid obstacles such as Jack-in-the-boxes, balloons, toy trains, snake in cans, and parachuting army figures. Once the monster reached the penguin, they were able to control how much they scared it by pressing the spacebar at the right time. The monster got a certain amount of Scare Points depending on how well they scared the simulator penguin.

Scare Points

Scare Points were given to the player once he has scared the Simulator Penguin. Depending on where they land, the player gets a certain amount:

  • 25 points if they land in the red zone.
  • 50 points if they land in the yellow zone.
  • 75 points if they land in the green zone.

Team Ranking

This was the current team ranking as of 9:00 P.M., July 5, 2013 PST.

1st Place: Oozma Kappa - 2,919,953,875
2nd Place: Python Nu Kappa - 1,619,682,725
3rd Place: Roar Omega Roar - 1,326,993,200
4th Place: Jaws Theta Chi - 744,311,325


  • An extra challenge was provided on the final level in the form of a green toy helicopter.
  • The green army men were a reference to Toy Story, another Pixar franchise.
  • The winning team was Oozma Kappa.



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