Scare Challenge
Scare Challenge Main Screen.png
Players 1
Controls Arrow Keys
Space Bar
Minigame location Anywhere, even your igloo
Date released June 27, 2013

The Scare Challenge is a mini-game at the Monsters University Takeover.


The objective of the game is to reach the Simulator Penguin without waking it, avoiding obstacles such as Jack-in-the-boxes, balloons, toy trains, snake in cans, and parachuting army figures. Once the monster reaches the penguin, he/she will have to scare him by using the spacebar to land in the correct spot in the scare-meter. Depending on how good was the performance, the monster will get a certain amount of Scare Points. The last level you must dodge a helicopter that is green and has a face on it which has a painted smile with sharp teeth.

Scare Points

Scare Points are given to the player once he has scared the Simulator Penguin. Depending on where they land, the player gets a certain amount:

  • 25 points if they land in the red zone.
  • 50 points if they land in the yellow zone.
  • 75 points if they land in the green zone.

Team Ranking

This is the current team ranking as of 9:00 P.M., July 5, 2013 PST.

1st Place: Oozma Kappa - 2,919,953,875
2nd Place: Python Nu Kappa - 1,619,682,725
3rd Place: Roar Omega Roar - 1,326,993,200
4th Place: Jaws Theta Chi - 744,311,325


  • The green army men are a reference to Toy Story, another Pixar franchise.
  • The winning team was Oozma Kappa.



Monsters' Sprites


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