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Scare Hall
Monsters University Takeover Scare Hall.png

Where Club Penguin Island
Opened June 27, 2013
Closed July 11, 2013
Mini-games None
Room ID Unknown
Tour Description
This is the Scare Hall. Learn to give the best scare possible! I recommend warming up your vocal chords... ...and practicing your 'GRRRR' face!

The Scare Hall was a party room in Club Penguin, added for the Monsters University Takeover.


  • The room is based on the School of Scaring in the Monsters University film. In the film, the fake penguin on the stage was used in the 'scaring final'. If you failed the test, you were kicked out of the scaring program.
  • If you press 'D' or do the Scare Emote and "scare" near the fake penguin, it will make it scream and the scare-meter will go up.