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School & Skate Party
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Members only? No
When September 18 - October 1, 2014
Free Item(s) See Free items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Rookie

The School & Skate Party was a party in Club Penguin that occurred from September 18 to October 1, 2014. It was first confirmed on August 29, 2014 on the What's New Blog.[1]


Rookie was excited for the beginning of the school year, so much that he plans to host a grand party. However, he rushes to get things ready and accidentally leaves things all over CPU and the island, causing hazards abound. So, players have to help him save the party.

Free items

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Image Item Type Location Members only
RookiesGiveawayBGIcon.png Rookie's Giveaway Background Rookie's Player Card No


  • Polo Field originally confirmed that the September party would have to do with giving back to less fortunate children.[2]
    • Club Penguin helped to build 7 schools in Ecuador, India, and Haiti.[3]
  • The Sharks are used as a school sports team, probably due to their win at the Penguin Cup.


  • At the start of the party, the Schoolhouse Igloo was a Member-only item.
  • If players went to the Puffle Park during the party, and rode the zipline, their penguin will turn upside down. The only way to fix this was to leave the room. This glitch was later fixed.


Sneak Peeks

Newspaper Articles

Issue #463

Issue #464

Issue #465

Issue #466

Issue #467







Safe Chat Messages

I'm painting a masterpiece!
For science!
Gym at my igloo!
Let's go shopping!
School at my igloo!
Cool tricks!
Want to go to the Skatepark?
Let's have a picnic!
Where are the school supplies?


Question Answer
How do you get straight A's? Use a ruler!
Why didn't the sun go to college? It already had a million degrees!
What's a pirate's favorite subject? Arrrrrt!
Why did Rookie take a ladder to school? He heard it was high school!
What did the pen say to the pencil? What's your point?
Why did the student eat his homework? He heard it was a piece of cake!
Why is the king only one foot tall? Because he's a ruler!

Tour Guide Messages

Room Tour Guide
Mine Shack Rah! Rah! Go Sharks Go! Penguin Cup champions celebrate and welcome you back to school
School This is the office, if you need supplies you'll find plenty staples here! Talk to the secretary if you want to change classes!
Gym Want to challenge a team? Get some friends together for dodgeball! Don't forget your safety gear
Classroom Class is in session! Make a mess in the art room, do experiments in the science lab, throw paper wads at everything
Skatepark Welcome to the Skatepark! A place to show off tricks and show off sweet skills!
Forest Stroll through the park, you can have a picnic here and ice cold lemonade! Watch out for wolves! The park benches and railing can be used to skate on even though it is FORBIDDEN!!
Plaza Shop at the Mall or visit Pizza and Snacks. You'll find tasty treats and cool fruit smoothies
Pizza Parlor Welcome to Pizza & Snacks! Grab a smoothie or a fish dog, and hang out with friends after school
Puffle Berry Mall Need outfits for school? The Mall has lots of cool threads! And high security! Rest between the stores at the cafe. And throw around some coins!

Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Escola Radical: A Festa
French École & Skate: C'est la Fête!
Spanish Escuela & Skate Fiesta
German Schul-& Skate-Party
Russian Школьный драйв праздник