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School & Skate Party interface
School & Skate Party Interface Icon.png
Is it seen right now? No
Type Interface
Party School & Skate Party
Where? Everywhere

The School & Skate Party interface was an interface available at the School & Skate Party. It allowed players to obtain various items some of which required collecting objects in rooms.


Image Name Type Members only?
Limited Edition Backpack icon.png Limited Edition Backpack Neck Item No
Fluffy Skateboard icon.png Fluffy Skateboard Hand Item Yes
Galactic Pink Skateboard icon.png Galactic Pink Skateboard Hand Item Yes
Bad Bear Skateboard.png Bad Bear Skateboard Hand Item Yes
Sponsored Pro Skateboard icon.png Sponsored Pro Skateboard Hand Item Yes
Brunette Skater Pigtails icon.png Brunette Skater Pigtails Head Item Yes
Orange Skate Spike Helmet icon.png Orange Skate Spike Helmet Head Item Yes

Cleaning rooms

Image Name Type Obtained by cleaning Members only?
Pro Skater Helmet.png Pro Skater Helmet Head Item Skatepark No
Rainbow Board icon.png Rainbow Board Hand Item Yes
Paintbrush icon.png Paintbrush Hand Item School No
Inspired Artist.png Inspired Artist Body Item Yes
Lab Goggles icon.png Lab Goggles Face Item Classroom No
For Science! icon.png For Science! Body Item Yes
Undodgeable icon.png Undodgeable Hand item Gym No
Sharks' Training Outfit icon.png Sharks' Training Outfit Body Item Yes
Brain Freeze icon.png Brain Freeze Head Item Pizza Parlor No
Clerk Outfit icon.png
Clerk Outfit Body Item Yes
School Shopping icon.png
School Shopping Hand Item Puffle Berry Mall No
Back-to-School Haul icon.png Back-to-School Haul Hand Item Yes
Igloo Buildings Icons 78.png Schoolhouse Igloo Igloo Finish clearing every room No