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Chris Hendricks
Screenhog Chris Hendricks

Full Name Chris Hendricks
Born August (1982-08-21) 21, 1982 (age 41)[1]
Position Artist
Joined the team May 2005[2]
Left the team October 29, 2010
Penguin Name Screenhog

Screenhog (real name Chris Hendricks) was a moderator and artist who mainly worked on audio, art, animation and writing for Club Penguin.[4]

On April 1, 2011 he announced that he left Club Penguin in October 2010,[5] but he carried on making music for the game until some point in 2012.[6] He is one of the most well-known moderators in the game's history. He used to work for a company along with Lance Priebe called Hyper Hippo Productions. He also has his own personal website.


Screenhog's interview, posted on the official Club Penguin Blog on February 14, 2008:

What's your favorite outfit to wear in Club Penguin?
  • Screenhog: I change outfits too much to have a favorite one. But I really like the musical instruments and the hard hat!

What's your favorite activity in Club Penguin?

Can other penguins meet you online?

  • Screenhog: I'm usually playing mini-games when I go online, but if you do run into me, I'd be happy to meet you.
— Screenhog, February 14, 2008.[7]


  • Screenhog was Club Penguin's first artist.
  • His Club Penguin account was hacked by one person, so now his penguin account is banned forever, so that no one else can access it.
  • Once asked how he felt after leaving Club Penguin, he replied: "Leaving was hard, but it was the right decision. I'm glad that I made the change when I did."[8]
  • He has an account along with Polo Field on Fandom, here (confirmed here).
  • On October 24, 2012, Screenhog was invited back to Club Penguin to celebrate the 7th Anniversary Party, along with Gizmo and Rsnail.
  • Screenhog made his first post on the What's New Blog on February 19, 2008.
  • Screenhog last composed music for Club Penguin in 2012 for the Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012.[9]
  • Screenhog has a Twitter account - @_Screenhog.
  • The party he had most fun designing was the April Fools' Party.[10]
  • He used the fake name Zippo Penguin in some early Club Penguin material, such as comics in the newspaper and ads in the catalogs.[11]
  • He does not enjoy crowds much, because he does not like being "swarmed with people".[12]
  • Screenhog and Rsnail have been working together since 2000.[13] When he left Club Penguin in 2010, he rejoined Rsnail's team at Rocketsnail Games (later Hungry Hippo Games) in March 2011. He worked as a prototyper for Hungry Hippo games until October 2017.
  • He got the name Screenhog in 2000, when he went to a farm that had an ugly but lovable hog. He drew a sketch of him, and randomly put a screen on him.[14][15]
  • He has a YouTube Channel, where he talks about music he has composed for the game and other behind-the-scenes information.
  • He has perfect pitch.[16]


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