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One of the secret items in May 2008.


One of the secret items in June 2008.

Secret items new

Since April 2012's Penguin Style catalog, if you find secret items, a message like this one will pop up.

Secret Items were items hidden within a given issue of a catalog, that may only be displayed and available to purchase by performing certain tasks. Most hidden items require clicking specific objects on a certain page, though they may be hidden in more complex methods.

Since April 2012, hovering over the object on the catalog page that "hides" the item makes that object sparkle, and clicking it reveals a popup window with the hidden item(s) with a title reading "You found a Secret!", with a sound effect being played. Before that, no sparkle effect had been used, and the popup window was more basic.

Secret items by catalogs

Penguin Style

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Furniture Catalog

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Puffle Catalog

Place Hidden items
Black and red puffles, on the puffle houses page Red and Gray Puffle Houses.
The word "Bedz" on the Puffle Bedz page Grey Bed
The "S" in "Toys" Puffle Condo

Snow and Sports

Place Hidden items
June 2008
Soccer Ball Cleats
August 2008
Right cheerleader pom-pom Orange Football Helmet
November 2008
The "N" on the furniture section title Pommel Horse
January 2009
Climbing Wall Mountain Climber Gear, Hiking Boots
March 2009
Waving baseball player in the background Green Baseball Uniform, Green Ball Cap
Pitcher's Mound Red Ball Cap
May 2009
Falling Soccer Ball Green Soccer Jersey
November 2009
Onlooker on page 1 Green Hockey Jersey
Onlooker on page 2 Green Goalie Gear
The word "ICE" on page 3 White Pom-Poms
February 2010
Waving baseball player Green Baseball Uniform, Green Ball Cap
Pitcher's Mound Red Ball Cap
May 2010
Kicked ball on page 1 Green Soccer Jersey
September 2010
Blue cheerleader's beak Blue Sneakers
Feet of the red and yellow cheerleaders Red Sneakers, Yellow Sneakers
Yellow cheerleader's beak White Pom-Poms

Game Upgrades

Place Hidden items
Cove Catalog
The word "WAVES" Silver Surfboard

Costume Trunk

Place Hidden items
Mall catalog
The Fern Fuzz Grass Skirt
Golden Puffle statue Crook & Flail
Funny Pig Snout Sunset Crown
Countess Steeple Hat's gemstone Ruffle Collar
White Fuzzy Beard Pointy Shoes
Ruby and The Ruby
Backdoor doorknob Dark Detective's Coat
Dragging down the back cover "How to get Coins" box Noir Background
Fairy Fables
Cassette player Silver Wand
Tower brick Fairy Fables Background
Quest for the Golden Puffle
Golden Puffle statue Crook and Flail
Team Blue vs. Team Red
The ball Eric the Red is holding Viking Helmet
Penguin Play Awards
Trophy on page 1 Penguin Awards Background
The Fern Fuzz Cheap Time Travel Hat
The "VS" on the superheroes page Squidzoid Costume
Periscope Lobster Costume
The Haunting of the Viking Opera
Viking Helmet on top of the letter "g" Red Viking Helmet
4th time revealing the Red Viking Helmet Blue Viking Helmet
Revealing the Blue Viking Helmet and clicking Helga Gold Viking Helmet

Rockhopper's Rare Items

Place Hidden items
August 2008
Steering Wheel Life Ring
February 2009
Little island on the Wall Map Porthole
April 2011
Boiling Cauldron Island Trinkets
December 2011
Build Safe Places T-Shirt Coins For Change Banner

The F.I.S.H.

Place Hidden items
Black Sunglasses Night Vision Goggles

Igloo Upgrades

Place Hidden items
Deluxe Snow Igloo door Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo
Ice Castle door Pink Ice Palace/Grey Ice Castle
Dragon's Lair windows Shadowy Keep

Martial Artworks

Place Hidden items
Upper-right lotus in the Lightning Gi page The Bolt, Thunder Gi
Bottom-right lotus in the Ink Ceremony Robe page The Cinder, Tea Ceremony Robe
Upper-left lotus in the Golden Sun Suit page Crimson Sun Suit

Big Wigs

Place Hidden items
The Spikester The Spikette

Adopt A Puffle

Place Hidden items
Black/red puffles on the Puffle Houses page Red Puffle House, Gray Puffle House
The "Z" in "Puffle Bedz" Grey Bed
The word "Toys" Puffle Condo

Music Catalog

Place Hidden items
Tuba nozzle Microphone
Sparkle above the Tallest Haircut Violin

Special catalogs

Catalog Place Hidden items
Music Jam 2008 catalog The tittle in "Music Catalog" Red Electric Guitar
Music Jam 2009 catalog Tittle in "Music" Snare Drum, Drumsticks
The "O" in "Catalog" Black Electric Guitar


  • Since the introduction of the pigfarm mechanism, which creates catalog pages from raster images rather than .swf files with vector shapes, catalogs that use this mechanism (such as Penguin Style) no longer have secret items in them.


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