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A secret room is a room in the Club Penguin Island, which goes by a specific criteria. The criteria for defining whether a room is secret or not has changed through the years.

Definition history[]

Originally, the term commonly referred to rooms which have no nearby rooms (and therefore cannot be visited by going from one room to a nearby room). The rooms which fulfilled this criteria were the Dojo, the Mine Shack and the Iceberg, which could all only be visited using the map or via the Spy Phone. These rooms also did not have an obvious image on the map, and could only be entered if a player had known their location, or found by mistake, when hovering over their location in the map, which changed the mouse to a pointer.

When Dig Out the Dojo began in November 2008, the map was updated, and all room icons were given a white border, which distinguished them from their surrounding, and therefore made all mapped rooms easy to locate, except for the Iceberg, which only received a new map icon in June 2011.

Currently, the definition may refer to rooms which can only be accessed once performing a certain action (e.g. obtaining a given item). This definition is still applied on members- having a membership doesn't necessarily guarantee the access to these rooms.

List of secret rooms[]

Room Accessibility
Iceberg Through the map
EPF Command Room From the Everyday Phoning Facility or an EPF Spy Phone
Underwater Requires the Moss Key Pin
Cloud Forest Using the Rainbow Cannon, after completing the Puffle Care Quest
UFO From being randomly abducted while at most outside rooms
Captain's Quarters Requires the Rockhopper's Key Pin

Former rooms[]

May 2007 Map Secret Rooms

An old map of Club Penguin with the secret rooms circled. Now the Dojo and Mine Shack are not secret while the Iceberg remained a secret room.

Hidden party rooms[]

Some party rooms have also fulfilled the criteria for becoming secret rooms, such as the following: