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Sector 2
Operation Blackout Sector 2.png

Where Herbert's Fortress
Opened November 14, 2012
Closed December 6, 2012
Mini-games Icejam
Room ID 855
Tour Description
This is Sector 2. There are three Security Terminals hidden here... but you'll need a Deflection Vest and Smoke Goggles. Stay focused, and good luck!

Sector 2 was a party room of Operation: Blackout in Club Penguin, it was part of Herbert's Fortress. It contained 3 Security Terminals that had to be disabled.

Agents had to use a Deflection Vest to go through the security lasers to infiltrate Security Terminal 4. Then use Smoke Goggles to see through the smoke screen and shut down Security Terminal 5.


  • One of the blueprints of the Security Terminal 3 area, shows what seems to be a drawing of the Time Trekker 3000.
  • There was a mind-control chair in front of a picture of Herbert P. Bear, in the Security Terminal 4 area.


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