Sector 2
Operation Blackout Sector 2

Where Herbert's Fortress
Opened November 14, 2012
Closed December 6, 2012
Mini-games Icejam
Room ID 855
Tour Description
This is Sector 2. There are three Security Terminals hidden here... but you'll need a Deflection Vest and Smoke Goggles. Stay focused, and good luck!

Sector 2 is a party room that appeared during Operation: Blackout. It contains 3 Security Terminals that had to be disabled in order to get to the Central Command Room through the Lock Down. It is part of Herbert's Fortress.

Agents must use a Plasma Laser to cut through the door in Sector 1, waddle across the hanging platform in the Lock Down, and crawl through the vent to access this room. Then they must use a Deflection Vest to get through the laser system to infiltrate Security Terminal 4. Then they must use Smoke Goggles to see through the smoke screen and shut down Security Terminal 5.


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