The Security Terminals were computer mainframes located in Herbert's Fortress during Operation: Blackout. EPF Agents needed to hack into them in order to open doors and get further into the fortress. Each security terminal can be hacked by solving its Icejam puzzle. Successfully doing so rewards in a higher rank version for the Herbert Security Clearance Pin. Whenever completing a terminal, the player could also obtain an item from the Blackout Quest Interface.


  • Terminal 1- opened on November 15- located at Sector 1. The basic version of Herbert Security Clearance Pin is obtained by completing it.
  • Terminal 2- opened on November 16- accessible located at Sector 1.
  • Terminal 3- opened on November 18- located at Sector 2.
  • Terminal 4- opened on November 20- located at Sector 2.
  • Terminal 5- opened on November 22- located at Sector 2.
  • Terminal 6- opened on November 24- located at Herbert HQ. Hacking it destroys the Solar Laser, and the completed security clearance pin, as well as the Covert Agent Station, are rewarded by doing so.


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