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A server is the software that deals with the packets of the game, hosting the users and allowing them to interface with each other. It is separate from the media server. The maximum allowed number of users is 300.

Server bar 2008

The server bar.

In 2011, in one of Happy77's videos from the What's New Blog, it shows Happy77 going to another server in-game using a Box Portal. This feature was named Server Jumping. It shows an arrow pointing one way and then pointing another way like someone was teleporting from one server to another. It should be noted that the moderator to server ratio is one moderator for every server normally.


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CPNext was a new technology being added to Club Penguin. It would include the removal of servers, and instead have multiple versions of one room so the island never feels empty. It was absorbed by the Club Penguin App and Club Penguin Island, where both fully implemented the jump to friend function while only the Club Penguin app has no actual servers.

List of Servers[]

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  • Some of the servers in Club Penguin have a bug where they load forever upon attempting to join. This bug has been around since 2005 when Club Penguin first launched.
  • Australian servers were first added on March 24, 2006.[1]
  • There was a glitch in the beginning of Club Penguin where a player could enter full servers. It was done by pressing 'Tab' until a yellow box is around the server which the player desires to go to. The player presses 'Enter' and they will be in the server. The glitch has since been patched by Club Penguin.
  • On November 27, 2013, the font for the label text of the servers was changed.
  • Many servers are named after ski runs.[2]
  • In Club Penguin Island, servers are known as "worlds".
  • In Club Penguin Island, if a player tries to enter a full zone, they get transported to the same zone in a different server, while in Club Penguin, a pop-up would appear and the map would automatically open.
  • The server software used in Club Penguin is SmartFox Server.[3][4]


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