Server Testing 2011 was a project of Club Penguin, that was taking place from August 25th, 2011, until September 9th, 2011.[1] It was accessible from the Beta Team website, and all players could enter it.

It included 9 test servers (2 more were added later), and all features in Club Penguin were available there.


Super-Speed Chat

This development of Club Penguin was made for chatting easier. It was actually the regular chat, but while typing words, a few suggestions for completing the sentence would pop up. This feature was added to Club Penguin as soon as the new Buddy List was added on October 28, 2011.


  • Beta Team English 1
  • Beta Team English 2
  • Beta Team English 3
  • Beta Team English 4
  • Beta Team English 5
  • Beta Team English 6
  • Beta Team English 7
  • Beta Team English 8
  • Beta Team English 9
  • Beta Team English 10
  • Beta Team English 11
  • Beta Team English 12

Bugs and Glitches

  • The Checkered Flag Pin that was removed prior to the testing was available in the servers.


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  1. Beta Team: Test Server Update- The blog was posted on September 7th, and Friday was September 9th

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