Settings screen

Sections marked with * are variables which are inputted through your penguin's data.

Settings are a toggle tab that allows the player to manage their game through a "tick" system. You can find the menu by clicking the gear icon on the far-right of the toolbar. Once on the menu, to exit, click the 'x' in the top-right of the box displayed.


Server name

When on the settings screen, the server you are currently on is displayed in the message: "You're on [server name]."

Penguin age

Penguin age is displayed underneath the server name, in "Your penguin is [age in days] days old.

Music management

Below the penguin age, there are two boxes that allow you to manage your music settings. The two boxes are:

Mute Music - Mutes all Club Penguin music; such as songs that are played at parties.
Mute all sounds - In addition to muting music, "mute all sounds" mutes special sounds that play during events in Club Penguin; for example, with this toggled on, you cannot hear the waves whilst on the Iceberg.

Friend count and ignore list

Below music management, to the left is the icon of the buddy list as well as a number which represents how many penguins you have "added" as a friend.

Opposite to that, there is a skull icon that, once clicked, shows your ignore list - a comprehensive list of players which you have ignored.


  • Despite the skull emoticon being removed in 2007, it is still used for the Ignore List.
  • The "mute all sounds" feature was added on April 24, 2013.[2]




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