Disney Club Penguin Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Heroes Unite

The cover of the book

Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Heroes Unite! is a real life Club Penguin book. It is about the origin of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal and how they teamed up.



  • It is revealed that Shadow Guy's real name is Sam, and Gamma Gal's name is Amy.
  • It is revealed that Sensei trained Gamma Gal.
    • It is also revealed that Gary the Gadget Guy trained Shadow Guy.


  • There are quite a few errors about the timeline of this book, though it may be due to a penguin making up the story.
    • The Everyday Phoning Facility is open even though Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal were discovered before then.
    • Also, Amy meets the Sensei, even though no one knew of his existence at the time the stage play was released.
      • The Dojo Courtyard is also open though it wasn't supposed to be open at the time.
    • There is an Aqua-colored penguin in the Pizza Parlor even though the color didn't exist yet at the time the stage play was released.
    • Issue 246 is written by Aunt Arctic but it is not real, the real issue was on a different date with different things in it. The stage play came out way before the date on the fake issue as well.
    • The Orange and White Puffles are in this book though they hadn't been discovered at the time the stage play came out.
    • Gary and Sam are in the old lab, even though the Everyday Phoning Facility is in the book.
  • When Shadow Guy takes the shadows of the citizens of Club Penguin, a part of a girl penguin is white, not colored.

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