Shadow Suit
Shadow Suit on a Player Card
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Available No
Type Clothes
Member item N/A
Party None
Cost Free
Where found Unknown
Item ID See below
Unlockable No

The Shadow Suit was an unreleased clothing set comprised of four items: the Shade Sandals, the Nightfall Coat, the Midnight Mask, and the Helmet of Shadows. The items for this suit would most likely be obtainable while progressing through the rumored Card-Jitsu Shadow.

If you danced with your full suit on, you would turn into smoke and disappear. When you waved, you would also disappear (like the other suits), but with a void.

Item IDs

Picture Name ID
Shade Sandals Shade Sandals 6077
Nightfall Coat Nightfall Coat 4380
Midnight Mask Midnight Mask 2033
Helmet of Shadows Helmet of Shadows 1271


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