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Ship Hold
Ship Hold 2017.png

Where Below deck of The Migrator
Opened April 27, 2007
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games None
Room ID 421
Tour Description
Here is the ship's cargo hold. This is where Rockhopper sells his rare items... that he finds out at sea. Pick up your pirate loot... before it sails away!

The Ship Hold was the lower deck of The Migrator, a pirate ship owned by Captain Rockhopper. The Ship Hold served as a storage area for the whole ship. While the Migrator was docked, it also served as a store, which sold treasures Rockhopper found on his travels, through the Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog.

There was a set of stairs in the lower left corner of the room, which led to the upper deck. There was also a door leading into the Captain's Quarters, although it was locked, and required a key for access. On the left edge of the room, there was a shop stand, covered by a tent, with a table for making purchases.

Many objects were stored here that Rockhopper owns, including barrels, crates, treasure chests, clothing, a Mancala board, Pink Flamingos, various items for puffles, a ship in a bottle, an inflatable ball, a large map, and more.


The Ship Hold was first opened to the public on April 27, 2007, when Rockhopper returned, and at the same time the Pirate Party 2007 started. Previously, the Ship Hold was too crowded for him to let penguins inside, until he cleaned it up in early 2007. Since then, the room has remained unchanged.

On January 4, 2017, some wheels of stinky cheese and rolled up maps were added. Additionally, Rockhopper's Rare Items was no longer accessible.


  • During the Pirate Party 2007, there were orange and green balloons and banners, along with a banner labeled "GRAND OPENING".
  • During the Save the Migrator Project, after the upper deck was cleaned up towards the end of the project, the Ship Hold was accessible again. During this time, there was a note from the construction crew saying that Rockhopper's key could not be found, and that Rockhopper must have it with him.
  • During Rockhopper's Arrival Party, there were red and black balloons and banners hung up, in the same places as the Pirate Party.
  • During Holiday Parties, there is a large green carpet leading down the stairs, into the Captain's Quarters. There is also a Christmas tree in place of the cream soda barrels, with presents underneath. There is also a wreath and garland hung on the walls, and two signs, one labeled "COINS FOR CHANGE", the other labeled "COINS FOR CHANGE IN THE CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS!" A jolly roger puffle emblem and the pink flamingos are wearing a Santa Hat and Elf Hats, respectively.
  • Before the Adventure Party, vines, plants, and trees were overgrown in the Ship Hold. After a few days, more plants grew.
  • During the Island Adventure Party 2011, the barrels stacked up by the wall were missing, and they were replaced by a note, which was written by Rockhopper, wondering where the cream soda went. After clicking the note, players would receive the Eye Patch Pin.



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Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Porão do Navio
French Cale du Navire
Spanish Bodega del barco
German Laderaum
Russian Корабельный трюм


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