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|title= Shipwreck Island
|title= Shipwreck Island

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Shipwreck Island

Where Shipwreck Island
Opened February 24, 2012
Closed March 7, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 856
Tour Description
"Yo ho ho! We MADE it! Welcome to the mysterious Shipwreck Island. Our journey is almost finished... just build the beacon and we're done! I wonder what's in that cave over there..."

Shipwreck Island is an island on Club Penguin, far from Club Penguin Island. This island can be explored by Captain Rockhopper and penguins in the party, Rockhopper's Quest.


  • The Hall Of The Viking Lords is located on this island.
  • It is believed that many ships got wrecked in this island, thus making the name Ship Wreck.
  • After you make the Lighthouse here, if you go back to Club Penguin Island and if you go to the Beacon and see from the telescope, you can see a red light glowing in the corner. That red light is the island's beacon, suggesting that all islands are near Club Penguin.
  • It is believed that this island is in Soda Seas.
  • It could be based on the Shipwreck Island from Pirates Of The Caribbean.
  • When lightning flashed in this room, a distant island could be seen, possibly Rockhopper Island.


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