Shock of Hair
Puffle Hats icon shockofhair.png
Available No
Member item No
Type Puffle Hat
Cost Free
Where found Unlockable
Item ID 88
Unlockable Yes

The Shock of Hair was a puffle hat in Club Penguin that was never released.

Puffle reactions

These are the reactions puffles give when the player selects this item from the interface. Reactions have no purpose beyond the following visual effects:

  • If they dislike it, they will lower one eyebrow and purse their lips.
  • If they are neutral towards it, they will look up, curiously.
  • If they like it, they will jump up and down, but make an exasperated face if the player de-selects the item without giving it to them.
Color Dislikes Neutral Likes
Blue - -
Pink - -
Black - -
Green - -
Purple - -
Red - -
Yellow - -
White - -
Orange - -
Brown - -
Rainbow - -
Gold - -


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Choque Arrepiado
French Le Cheveu Hérissé
Spanish Cabello en shock
German Haar-Schock
Russian N/A


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