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Shrimp Pin
Scientific name Caridea
Similar creatures Squid, fish
Appeared Pizzatron 3000, Puffle Food
Predators Fish, crabs, whales, penguins
Prey Tiny fish, algae, plankton

Shrimp is a food, as well as a creature, in Club Penguin. Penguins and Puffles alike can eat it. Nobody has seen a live shrimp in Club Penguin, so it is unknown as to where they come from. It is also unknown how they survive the freezing temperatures of the ocean enclosing Club Penguin Island, assuming they are of a freshwater variety. There is also a pin called the Shrimp pin.



Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Portuguese Camarão
French Le Pinz Crevette
Spanish Camarones
German Garnele
Russian Креветка

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