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Full Name Skip
Species Ghost
Gender Male
Position Bellhop at the Puffle Hotel (formerly)
Appeared Halloween Party 2014
Color Lime Green
Clothes Items Bellhop Hat, bellhop uniform, shoes
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No
You thought the Puffle Hotel was scary? Wait 'til you see what I have lined up!
— Skip revealing himself as a ghost

Skip was a ghost masquerading as a bellhop at the Puffle Hotel, who appeared during the Halloween Party 2014. He tricked the player through the ghost-infested Puffle Hotel in order to repair a ghost-capturing machine inside the building, so he could continue with his evil plans.


Skip initially presented himself as the new bellhop of the Puffle Hotel during the party. Unknown to the rest of the island, however, he was an evil ghost in disguise as a penguin in order to steal Ghost Puffle energy. After kidnapping Gary's uncle, Gariwald VIII, he tricked the player into capturing and rounding up ghost puffles and machine parts that he would assemble in the storage room on the 12th floor. Once all parts were assembled correctly, he began to extract the energy from the ghost puffles so he could begin terrorizing Club Penguin forever.

Unsuccessful in his plan, the player defeated Skip, and saved the island.


Skip was shown to be cunning, manipulative and resourceful during his time haunting the Puffle Hotel. His motives were to induce fear and sorrow to all around him; this is evident in his capture of Gariwald VIII and later him stating he wished to "haunt" the island. His ambition lead to him getting extremely angry or frustrated when people attempted to intervene (an example of this would be him blocking your path on the 13th floor).


  • His name may be based on the fact that most hotel elevators in some countries "skip" the 13th floor.
  • Dom, a doorman from the play Ruby and The Ruby, has an outfit that was similar to Skip's when he appeared as a penguin.
  • Skip's ghost form was similar to the penguin's ghost form as seen at the Halloween Party 2012.
  • His Bellhop Hat was given out as a reward for anyone who defeated him.
  • Instead of flippers, his ghost form had hands.
  • It was mentioned in the EPF Handbook that an invention would allow Skip to reappear.
  • On the Support Story of issue 557 of the Club Penguin Times, the words in bold "kept", "sigh", and "shot" could read "Skip the Ghost" if rearranged.
  • He was referenced on the official Twitter page of the game in a Halloween costume post for Club Penguin Island.




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