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Sky Kingdom
Medieval Party 2012 Sky Kingdom.png

Where In the sky above the Town
Opened May 17, 2012
Closed May 30, 2012
Mini-games None
Room ID 877
Tour Description
This is the Sky Kingdom! Now Scorn is defeated, it is free again! From here the chosen heroes can restore peace....and rule the lands with fairness and justice. Claim one of the Skyward restore the kingdom to its glory!

The Sky Kingdom was a party room in Club Penguin for the Medieval Party 2012. It was confirmed in the parent's update email. This place is a magical kingdom in which you can get to after you defeat Scorn the Dragon King. You can also get there by going to the Town and climbing up the stalk on the side of the Coffee Shop. It was once a peaceful place until Scorn the Dragon King took over. It looks like a rich mansion for a king. On May 22, 2012, there were knight penguin statues instead of Scorn the Dragon King statues. The Skyward Staff was available here.

Magical Orbs

When all five of the orbs are lit it will rain and cause a rainbow to appear. When you go to the top of the Sky Tower the red orb will light up and cause a platform to rise. Then the thunder armory will open causing thunder to clash. The green, blue, and purple orbs will follow. The yellow orb supplies lightning and the blue orb lets water flow off the edge of the Sky Kingdom.


Geographic location