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A sled race in action.

The Sled Runs are runs that trigger the game Sled Racing. There are four sled runs, each varying in topography, length, and difficulty the hardest being Ridge Run. There used to be a rumor that there will be another one named the Test Run, as it was revealed in PSA Mission 2. However, due to its danger level, it was never used again and was built solely for the purpose of the mission. Since April 24, 2009, members are able to buy toboggans to use in the game. They don't make any difference in speed and are used as a decoration.


  • Sled Races range from 2-4 penguins on each.
  • Penguins can have a speed boost during the race by going over the ice patches.
  • Rocks are dangerous, as they sometimes leave penguins in last place.
  • The amount of coins given are always between 5-20 (if you are first you get 20, if you're second you get 10, if you're third or fourth you get 5).


  • The Sled Runs were closed in July/August 2007 because of a massive avalanche.
  • There used to be a glitch in Bunny Hill, so that the player could not crash into logs or rocks. It was later fixed in an update.
  • During Beta Testing, only two penguins could play at a time.
    • This later became two to four players at a time.
  • There is a server called Bunny Hill that was named after one of the runs.

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