Slush-Rusher 1
SlushRasher 1
Invented by Gary and Sydmull
Damaged by Jangrah and Megalodon
Located Iceberg

The Slush-Rusher 1 was a large boat motor invented by Gary and Sydmull in the "Club Penguin: Monster Beach Party" special. It was used to move the Iceberg back to Club Penguin Island after the Megalodon was released from it.

On the rush to escape the Megalodon, Gary and Sydmull re-built the Snow Cone 3000 into the Slush-Rusher 1 as a giant boat motor, but the machine separated from the Iceberg and sunk into the ocean. While malfunctioning, it created a giant whirlpool that nearly engulfed the Iceberg and the penguins on top of it. It was destroyed by Jangrah and Megalodon.


  • It's considered a prototype by Gary the Gadget Guy since it didn't have another 2,999 versions.

Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseSorvetaço 1
French N/A
SpanishAguanieve 1
German N/A
Russian N/A

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