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Smoothie Smash Grand Opening
Coffee Shop 2012 grand opening.png

Members only? No
When August 30, 2012 - September 5, 2012
Free Item(s) None
Location Coffee Shop, Town Center
Mascot(s) Rockhopper

The Smoothie Smash Grand Opening was an event in Club Penguin. It occurred from August 30 to September 5, 2012, during the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit, after efforts to defeat Big-Big Kahuna. During the event, the Coffee Shop was given a permanent, more modern look, and the Smoothie Smash game was added. There was a huge sign outside the shop in the Town Center that said "GRAND OPENING."

Smoothie Smash was temporarily playable at fruit stands at the Cove, Dock, and Forest during the event.



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