Alongside ice, Snow covers Club Penguin Island. Along with being the basis of the island, it is also a Card-Jitsu Element alongside water and fire.


In Card-Jitsu, snow is the third element a ninja can master. It is powerful over water but weak against fire. Successfully using the card will trigger an animation in which the penguin throws a snowball at the opposition.

Snow also appears as the main element in Card-Jitsu Snow. Upon finishing the game, the ninja becomes a master of snow.


There are different forms of snow on the island that are commonly displayed as decorations at parties, such as Snow Castles which can been seen at the Beach. In addition, penguins can use snow as a projectile in everyday life – the snowball – which is a theme in most activities hosted on the island like snowball fights. Snowballs are also used to power various devices such as the Snowball Cannon.

However, too much snow is detrimental, as exhibited in Operation: Blackout.

Game Appearances


  • It is known by penguins that the best snow on the island is found at the Snow Forts.[1]
  • A quicksand-like form of snow referred to as "quicksnow" was featured in the comic Waddle On.[2]
  • Snow, in actuality, is not an element. It is a form of water, which is a compound.



  1. This was made known to players in PSA Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs.
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