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Not to be confused with the snowball cannon from Puffle Rescue.
Snow Cannon 3000
Snow cannon 3000
Invented by Gary the Gadget Guy
Located Crow's Nest
"ARR! Me Migrator's mighty cannon is known for many things. Its snowballs defend against icebergs. But in the past, it's also launched cake, candles and even me Puffle, Yarr!"
— Rockhopper's Cannon Card-Jitsu trading card

The Snow Cannon 3000 was a cannon located on the Crow's Nest of the Migrator. It was near a barrel labelled "POWDER" and a pile of snowball ammunition. To use the cannon, players had to enter the Crow's Nest and hover the cursor over the cannon.

For the 3rd Anniversary Party, it had various colors and would shoot out cake as a surprise from Rockhopper. It returned for the 4th Anniversary Party, with a purple color replacing its yellow, and later 4 decorative cannons, with a dark salmon color instead of purple, appeared behind the floating iceberg stage of the Music Jam 2011.

In Club Penguin: Game Day!, it appears during the Snow Forts challenge in Story Mode, only Team Red players or 123sparkled can aim and fire its giant snowballs at the opposing team. Only Jeff the Ref mentions the cannon, calling it "Team Red's secret weapon".