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The Snow Cat and Snow Trekker were two very similar types of vehicles that appeared in the Club Penguin franchise. The Snow Cat was a vehicle that first appeared as a decoration in Experimental Penguins, and was later rideable by players in Penguin Chat 3. The Snow Trekker was a vehicle in Club Penguin that was capable of traveling over snow much faster than a penguin could waddle, and was invented by Gary the Gadget Guy as a patrol vehicle for the Elite Penguin Force, but later appeared in other capacities.

Snow Cat[]

Snow Cat Penguin Style

A Snow Cat

A Snow Cat first appeared in Experimental Penguins, and one was located in the Crash Site room, presumably being the "crash" namesake of the room. It was embedded into the ground next to a body of water, with its doors broken off, and fireworks dropped off beside it.

Snow Cats later reappeared in Penguin Chat 3, and were rideable. To access them, players first had to click the hook of the construction crane at the Construction Site, causing them to wear a hard hat. Then, players could click the "COMING SOON" sign and a Snow Cat would appear, with the player riding inside. The Snow Cat was coded as an alternate "color" for players rather than as an item that was worn.[1]

Snow Cats made a few cameos in Club Penguin, but were not rideable again.

  • On the second-to-last page of the October 2005 edition of the Penguin Style catalog, Snow Cats were advertised as being on sale, but part of the advertisement and the button to buy it were covered with an "OUT OF STOCK" sticker, so players could not buy one. This was included solely as a reference to Penguin Chat 3. An actual Snow Cat item was considered for Club Penguin, but after being tested, it was deemed so big that it would obstruct gameplay and was scrapped.[2]
  • In the Lighthouse, a bottle containing a miniature replica of a Snow Cat was on top of some crates. In PSA missions, it could be interacted with. In the first few missions the Lighthouse was accessible in, the player simply remarks that it is a miniature of a vehicle used for traveling on snow. In mission 10, the player remarks "Snow Cat: the next generation." In mission 11, the player remarks "Snow Trekker, perfect for any voyager." Both of these remarks are references to Star Trek, the former to The Next Generation, and the latter to Voyager. Both also refer to it as a Snow Trekker, despite being a miniature of the Snow Cat.
  • During the Music Jams in 2008 and 2009, the Pizza Parlor had the front half of a Snow Cat embedded in a wall, referencing how some real-life restaurants use halves of cars as decorations.

Snow Trekker[]

Snow Trekker Yeti Cave

A Snow Trekker

The original Snow Trekker was built by Gary the Gadget Guy, modeled after Snow Cats, and first appeared in the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force video game, in the mission Super Secret Gadgets. It was made to be a patrol vehicle for the Elite Penguin Force, and is fitted with equipment for all-terrain travel: pontoons and sails for crossing water, and a plow for destroying obstacles such as snow piles and tree stumps. It also has a "Sticky Cocoa Security System" which soaks attackers in cocoa to deter them, and make them easier to track after they escape. The player can ride the Snow Trekker in the mini-game of the same name, and completing this mini-game is required to progress during multiple missions.

Although only one Snow Trekker appeared initially, it is implied by Gary in issue 376 of the Club Penguin Times that multiple more were made sometime later, as he says "a Snow Trekker". It is never mentioned what happened to the original Snow Trekker, nor if this type of vehicle was further used by the EPF for patrolling. Like the Snow Cat, Snow Trekkers made several cameo appearances after the release of the Elite Penguin Force video game, but were also never rideable again.

Similar vehicles[]

Similar vehicles, some not referred to by a specific name, made various appearances.


  • In Elite Penguin Force, Gary shows the player a small model of the Snow Trekker in his room before the real one is made, and they comment "I thought that was just a legend!", and if the player interacts with it, they think "I can hardly believe it... I thought this vehicle vanished off the face of the island...", implying that Experimental Penguins and Penguin Chat 3 took place on the same island as Club Penguin. Towards the end of its debut mission, interacts with the Snow Trekker, the player expresses giddy disbelief by thinking "I still can't believe that the Snow Trekker is real!"
  • The Snow Trekker was made into merchandise, with detachable equipment.
  • The Snow Cat was not referred to by its actual name since its portrayal in the October 2005 Penguin Style catalog. The only time it was referred to by any name after then was the interaction with the miniature in the bottle in the Lighthouse in PSA missions 10 and 11, which instead incorrectly referred to it as a "Snow Trekker". The wrong name being used may have been to allow for the Star Trek connection while still retaining the miniature.
  • The Foodtrekker from Club Penguin Island has a very similar design to the Snow Trekker.


Snow Cat[]

Snow Trekker[]

Similar vehicles[]

Names in other languages[]

Snow Trekker[]

Language Name
Portuguese Escava-neve
French Autoneige
Spanish Máquina de nieve
German Schneepflug
Russian N/A