Snow Globe of Silence
Snow Globe of Silence
Invented by Herbert P. Bear
Damaged by Nobody (currently inactive)
Located In between the Town Center and Plaza

The Snow Globe of Silence is one of Herbert P. Bear's inventions, which made its first appearance in We Wish You a Merry Walrus. Herbert intended it to be used to create a sound-proof dome over Club Penguin Island, so that he could finally live in peace and quiet.[1]


As part of Herbert's plan, he would imprison and impersonate the Merry Walrus so he could drop 'presents', which would create "a huge dome of ice over the crowd, trapping them all [the penguins] in a sound proof chamber".[1]


Although it was almost fully operational, Roofhowse caught the last 'present' in time. After Herbert gets thrown off of his sleigh, Roofhowse accidentally drops the final 'present' and Herbert (along with Klutzy) consequently gets caught in his own trap.[1]


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