Snow Suit
Snow Ninja Player Card.png
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Available No
Type Clothes
Member item No
Party None
Cost Free
Where found Card-Jitsu Snow
Item ID See below
Unlockable No

The Snow Suit was a clothing set comprised of four items, respectively, the Glacial Sandals, Coat of Frost, Icy Mask, and the Blizzard Helmet. Being only obtainable by playing the game Card-Jitsu Snow, you earned these items as you progress. The more items, the more experience towards being a master of the snow element.

If you danced with your full suit on, you would start a snow storm around you. When you wave, you would create a snow void and go invisible.

The Objective

To earn all four pieces, you had to fight against snowmen with other ninjas, many times, in Card-Jitsu Snow.

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Picture Name ID
Glacial Sandals icon.png Glacial Sandals 6163
Coat of Frost icon.png Coat of Frost 4834
Icy Mask icon.png Icy Mask 2119
Blizzard Helmet icon.png Blizzard Helmet 1581


After earning the full Snow Suit, you can perform actions:


  • If you got a large group of penguins with the full Snow Suit on doing the special dance, the weather would become snowy.
  • Originally, the waving special action required the Amulet, but after an update it could be performed without the item.
  • The Snow Suit was the only Card-Jitsu suit that could be used to perform the special dances associated with the Fire Nunchaku, Water Hammer, and Snow Shuriken
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