Snowball Shooter

A Snowball Cannon.

Not to be confused with Rockhopper's Snow Cannon 3000.

The Snowball Cannons are found in some Pink Puffle stages in Puffle Rescue, starting in level 3. They shoot snowballs at the player, who must either avoid them or trick the shooter to shoot snowballs at another shooter. Touching the snowballs will cause the players to go back one step in the opposite direction with the direction that it hit the player in.


  • It is unknown who built it and why they shoot penguins. They might be invented by Herbert, since it fires at penguins and can hurt them or the puffles that they are carrying.
  • In Puffle Rescue:
    • If the snowball hits a hard rock, they will break up into harmless pieces that cannot be seen in the game.
    • If the snowball hits another snowball cannon, the player will receive 50 points.
    • If 8 are destroyed, the player earns the Easy Cannon stamp.
    • If 12 are destroyed, the player earns the Super Cannon stamp.
    • If 15 are destroyed, the player earns the Extreme Cannon stamp.
  • They can be seen in Jetpack Boost game on My Penguin too, but they look closer in appearance to the cannons from Puffle Launch.

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