Not to be confused with Snowball Battle.

A Snowball Fight is a large, usually unorganized, fight between two or more opposing parties or teams. During a snowball fight, penguins take sides with the group of their choosing, usually by changing colors and/or clothing to the corresponding team, and throw snowballs at the opposing groups. These fights usually happen at the Snow Forts, or another spacious room.


Variations and Gimmicks

  • Points

This is where a small group of penguins fight in a typical snowball fight. Each time a player gets hit, the opposing team gains a point. After a specific, desired amount of time, the game finishes and the players add up their points tally. The team with the highest points wins the game.

  • Dodgeball

A snowball fight but with dodge balls. Used during the plays Team Blue's Rally 2 and Team Blue vs. Team Red.

Rapid Fire

The "T" shortcut button can be used, in conjunction with clicking, to rapid fire. This rapid fire only happens on your computer, so you will not win by doing it. The snowballs come in a regular delay time, however the delay time is long. There is also a glitch: when you have got a few snowballs queued up, and you move away from your spot, the snowballs come from the ground.

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