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Snowball Press Logo
Snowball Press logo.

The Snowball Press was Club Penguin's sole book publishing company. Players could see the logo on the bottom of the spine on all of the Club Penguin Books.

List of Books Published[]

Online Books[]

  1. Rockhopper and the Stowaway
  2. Franky's First Show
  3. The Spice of Life
  4. Truth or Dare
  5. Yearbook 2005-2006
  6. Yearbook 2006-2007
  7. Yearbook 2007-2008
  8. Yearbook 2008-2009
  9. Yearbook 2009-2010
  10. Yearbook 2010-2011
  11. Yearbook 2011-2012
  12. Yearbook 2012-2013
  13. Yearbook 2013-2014

Book Room Writing Contest books[]

  1. Penguin Tales of Spring '07
  2. Penguin Tales of Spring '08
  3. Penguin Tales of Summer '09

Paint by Letters books[]

  1. My Puffle
  2. Burnt Out Bulbs
  3. Lime Green Dojo Clean

Real Life Books by Grosset and Dunlap (as Snowball Press)[]

  1. The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin Volume 1
  2. Stowaway!
  3. The Inventor's Apprentice
  4. Star Reporter


  • The Snowball Press published every book on the Book Shelf except for The Journal of Captain Rockhopper. The Journal also was the only book without a Snowball Press mark on the side, as it was not published by Snowball press.
    • The logo was not on the books originally. It was added on the fourth version of the Book Shelf.
  • Many companies printed the real life Club Penguin books under the name "Snowball Press", mainly Grosset and Dunlap.
  • There was a Card Jitsu card featuring the Snowball Press.


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