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Solar System
Beta Team Solar System Opening Earth.png

The opening menu, featuring Earth
Players 1
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Beta Team
Date released July 19, 2011

Solar System is a game in the Beta Team website. It was launched in July 2011, and is for 1 player only. The game is played using the mouse.


The planets and their order (of distance from the sun) have been scrambled. The goal is to rearrange them in the correct order, in 90 seconds or less.

Game background

The game features on the background stars, galaxies, comets, and even a satellite. Every few seconds, a Red Puffle in a space suit will be seen.

Planet order

The sun

# Planet Image
1 Mercury
Beta Team Solar System Mercury.png
2 Venus
Beta Team Solar System Venus.png
3 Earth
Beta Team Solar System Earth.png
4 Mars
Beta Team Solar System Mars.png
5 Jupiter
Beta Team Solar System Jupiter.png
6 Saturn
Beta Team Solar System Saturn.png
7 Uranus
Beta Team Solar System Uranus.png
8 Neptune
Beta Team Solar System Neptune.png

Game ending

When arranging a planet in its correct position, its route will be marked in green. When all planets are arranged, the view of the game will be changed, so it seems as if the solar system is getting further and further, and will eventually disappear.

If the player did not succeed to arrange all the planets in their correct order on time, a "Mission Failed" message will appear, that featured a crushed space shuttle on a red planet.


  • Pluto does not appear in the game as it was classified as a dwarf planet in 2006.
  • The satellite from the game is similar to Voyager 1/2.
  • The Earth looks rather different in the Star Wars Takeover. In the game it appears more realistic, and at the Star Wars Takeover it looks more cartoonish.
  • The mission failed planet looks like Mars in a brighter color.