Space Dimension
April Fools' Party 2012 Space Dimension

Where Other dimension
Opened March 24, 2011
Closed April 5, 2011
Mini-games None
Room ID 853
Tour Description
Whoa, look at this place! Looks like someone forgot to put the planets... in the proper places. If you have a moment... Maybe try lifting up a moon, or some stars.

The Space Dimension is one of the Dimensions in Club Penguin. Players could slide in this room. There are two containers full of planets and stars. Penguins could place the planets and stars in the sky. The Stapler, an item for the Scavenger Hunt, could be found by connecting the stars.


  • The symbol is a ringed planet, possibly one of the Jovian planets, or even an exoplanet.
  • If a player threw a snowball there, it would zig zag up and down to whatever area the player threw it at. This is like the Box Dimension, probably indicating that both places have low gravity.


Geographic location

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