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30 November 2020

     19:03  User:Santa Jr2 diffhist -13 Santa Jr2 talk contribs →‎Pages I've created Tag: 2017 source edit

29 November 2020

 m   16:17  Frozen Party diffhist +43 Cocoverde4 talk contribs Added an image which I don't remember where it's from Tag: Visual edit
     16:11 Upload log Cocoverde4 talk contribs uploaded File:Agosto Club Penguin Frozen 2014.png
 m   00:56  Puffle Bowling diffhist -1 Splosh Jnr talk contribs Past Tensified and some minor grammatical fixes Tag: 2017 source edit

28 November 2020

 m   21:46  Puffle Bowling‎‎ 2 changes history0[Watatsuki‎; Coolgreenman55‎]
21:46 (cur | prev) -82 Watatsuki talk contribs except theyre *scrapped concepts* from *completely different eras* so thats not likely at all
16:44 (cur | prev) +82 Coolgreenman55 talk contribs Added trivia
     20:06  Candytron 3000‎‎ 5 changes history+247[Penguin-Pal‎ (2×); Coolgreenman55‎ (3×)]
20:06 (cur | prev) -44 Penguin-Pal talk contribs o lol i thought i fixed that, bruh Tag: 2017 source edit
20:05 (cur | prev) +39 Penguin-Pal talk contribs same release as pizzatron tho wasn't able to confirm the app's. also waiting for wata to remove the commas lol Tag: 2017 source edit
16:57 (cur | prev) +65 Coolgreenman55 talk contribs Put logo on infobox
16:56 (cur | prev) +176 Coolgreenman55 talk contribs Cleanup
16:49 (cur | prev) +11 Coolgreenman55 talk contribs Added more
 m   16:46  Space Trader diffhist +11 Coolgreenman55 talk contribs Added games thingy.

27 November 2020

     17:34  Old Blue diffhist +34 ChrisCPI talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
 m   15:51  Pirate Party 2007 diffhist +13 Watatsuki talk contribs
 m   15:51  Sports Party diffhist +37 Watatsuki talk contribs →‎Trivia
     15:50  Western Party‎‎ 3 changes history+26[Watatsuki‎; Splosh Jnr‎; ChrisCPI‎]
15:50 (cur | prev) +124 Watatsuki talk contribs the theme of this party, that happened in july 2006, was decided on in a newspaper issue that released in november 2007? did the club penguin team invent time travel?
06:27 (cur | prev) -93 Splosh Jnr talk contribs Removed redundancies and fixed the flow. Tag: 2017 source edit
03:19 (cur | prev) -5 ChrisCPI talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
     14:06  Merry Walrus‎‎ 3 changes history+6[Watatsuki‎; ChrisCPI‎; SupremeSpace‎]
14:06 (cur | prev) +6 ChrisCPI talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
02:48 (cur | prev) +24 Watatsuki talk contribs Reverted edits by SupremeSpace (talk) to last revision by Watatsuki Tag: Rollback
02:43 (cur | prev) -24 SupremeSpace talk contribs Minor Tags: Visual edit, Mobile edit
     13:56 Upload log ChrisCPI talk contribs uploaded a new version of File:Issue43.jpg(Larger image size, hopefully less jpg effects)
     02:58  Green Tea‎‎ 2 changes history+29[Watatsuki‎; Splosh Jnr‎]
02:58 (cur | prev) -49 Splosh Jnr talk contribs Replaced trivia with better trivia. Tag: Visual edit
02:23 (cur | prev) +78 Watatsuki talk contribs good thing I remembered where this was from when I randomly stumbled across it 10 years ago
     02:48 Block log Watatsuki talk contribs blocked SupremeSpace talk contribs with an expiration time of 5 days (account creation disabled, cannot edit own talk page) ‎(Vandalizing pages: hehe very funny hehehehe)
     02:47  Rockhopper‎‎ 2 changes history0[Watatsuki‎; SupremeSpace‎]
02:47 (cur | prev) -207 Watatsuki talk contribs Reverted edits by SupremeSpace (talk) to last revision by CleetusChan Tag: Rollback
02:39 (cur | prev) +207 SupremeSpace talk contribs Tags: Visual edit, Mobile edit
 m   02:47  Megalodon diffhist -96 Watatsuki talk contribs can find no evidence of this, seems to have been the result of someone putting their roleplay in mainspace
 m   02:06  Card-Jitsu Snow diffhist +8 Watatsuki talk contribs I have poured over tweets, blog posts, both official and by fans, and I cannot find mention of these being officially confirmed whatsoever, from anyone, outside of this wiki which was added to this page by "Know Every about cp" on may 28, 2013, so I have doubts on its credibility
     00:30  Herbert's Fortress diffhist +392 Splosh Jnr talk contribs Undo revision 1920065 by Watatsuki (talk). When Polo Field confirmed that Card-Jitsu snow took place on a lonely mountain, did he not confirm the name of it? Tag: Undo
     00:24  Mountain Range diffhist +19 Splosh Jnr talk contribs I feel that, while we no longer have an article on lonely mountain, we should still provide the information that it is known to exist. Tag: 2017 source edit

25 November 2020

     23:17 Deletion log Watatsuki talk contribs deleted page A Lonely Mountain(Unused redirect: its just a random mountain)
 m   23:16  Mountain Range diffhist -42 Watatsuki talk contribs
 m   23:16  Herbert's Fortress diffhist -392 Watatsuki talk contribs through research, it seems this "lonely mountain" is merely the result of one "Know Every about cp" making up a name
     23:12  Tallest Mountain‎‎ 2 changes history0[Watatsuki‎; Csalvatore‎]
23:12 (cur | prev) -37 Watatsuki talk contribs can you prove that?
21:33 (cur | prev) +37 Csalvatore talk contribs Herbert HQ was built on Tallest Mountain Tag: Visual edit
     23:07  Operation: Blackout‎‎ 2 changes history0[Watatsuki‎; Csalvatore‎]
23:07 (cur | prev) -200 Watatsuki talk contribs the key point being the shop was renamed *after*, and I am preeetty sure the tallest mountain is not a short rocky hill surrounded by lush greenery, please do not make up your own tour description and present it as fact either, only official descriptions go here
21:29 (cur | prev) +200 Csalvatore talk contribs The Gift Shop was renamed Clothes Shop after the party and the Tallest Mountain was accessible during the blackout. Tag: Visual edit

24 November 2020

 m   21:24  Private Chat diffhist +1 Coolgreenman55 talk contribs
 m   18:20  Waddle On Party diffhist -13 Watatsuki talk contribs TheMaster5534? why? ...ucp, probably
N    15:36  Chris Jai Alex‎‎ 4 changes history+942[PhineasCP‎ (4×)]
15:36 (cur | prev) +50 PhineasCP talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
15:32 (cur | prev) +96 PhineasCP talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
15:29 (cur | prev) +660 PhineasCP talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
15:04 (cur | prev) +136 PhineasCP talk contribs Created page with "<ref>{{PeopleInfobox|Chris Jai Alex=|name=Chris Jai Alex|born=February 16, 1982|position=Voice Actor|image=File:descarga (5).jpg}}</ref>" Tag: 2017 source edit
     15:01  (Upload log)[PhineasCP‎ (2×)]
15:01 PhineasCP talk contribs uploaded File:Descarga (5).jpg
14:59 PhineasCP talk contribs uploaded File:4754b1-3e4a0939 copy.jpg
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