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Spy Drills
Spy Drills Logo.png
Players 1
Controls Mouse and Keyboard
Minigame location EPF Command Room
Date released May 9, 2013
Not to be confused with Field-Op.

Spy Drills was a game that replaced Field-Ops. It had all of the previous field-op mini-games combined into an interface where the player character can select the field-op mission variant they want to play.


There are two sections of gameplay on the game. One is called 'Train' and the other is called 'Challenge'. In the 'Train' section, you can play the Field-Op games and the three new Spy Drills games. In the 'Challenge' section, you will be given three Field-Op and/or Spy Drills games. If you don't complete the task, on the first try, then the Challenge will be over and you get nothing. If you complete them all in one, however, you get a certain amount of medals. You normally get 1 - 5 medals.

Spy Drills

Circuit Match

You must match the circles' symbols in 60 seconds. Once a pair is matched they will turn green and explode. Match all of them to overload the circuits.

Code Break

You have to crack the code by selecting a symbol. Once you click "Scan", red/yellow/green light appears. Red means that symbol is not in any of the slots and that it is wrong. Yellow means that symbol is the right symbol but is in the wrong spot. Green means that symbol is correctly placed. If player gets 4 green lights, the exercise is completed.


The game is played on 5 rows, where some sort of basket is found on the bottom of the screen, and can switch rows by pressing the left and right arrow keys. On every stage of the game, the color of the basket is changed, and 5 matching chips- one on each row- are created on the top of the screen, and are given different colors. The player has to move the basket to the row with the chip with a matching color before the chips reach the bottom of the game. If the player fails, the game ends.

Code Decrypt

You must find the shape from a 5×4 board that matches the one on the side of the screen and click it within five seconds of the start of the round. You win by completing 10 rounds in a row.

Chip Maze

In this game, you have to guide a micro battery. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, avoid zaps from lasers and deliver power from the recharger to the chips.

Grid Command

In this game, you have to enter the (x, y) coordinates to fire at enemy attacks. You aim for red targets. The goal is to destroy 20 targets in time.

The Navigator

In this game, you have to guide a bot to corrupted systems. Using your mouse, make a list of commands to lead the bot to the corrupted systems. You have to be precise; you can only send 5 sets of commands.

Radar Strike

In this game, the player has to guide a remote-controlled snowball with their arrow keys at top speed. The player must think fast, or the snowball will lose power.

Rhythm Lock

In this game, you have to listen to the tempo, then repeat it using your space bar. You have to be accurate; you must match each lock twice.


In this game, you have to match the scanner to the correct frequency number. Using your space bar, you need to stop the scanner at the exact point.


Sneak Peeks





Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Táticas Secretas
French Entraînement d'Élite
Spanish Espías en acción
German Agenten-Training
Russian Секретные учения